New course series for heritage home lovers

Heritage home aficionados can now sign up for applied courses on home restoration through the Vancouver Heritage Foundation:

… the Vancouver Heritage Foundation, established in 1992 and best known for raising money and awareness through workshops and its wildly popular annual heritage home tours, to offer a unique educational series.

It’s called Old School: Courses for Building Conservation, and it’s designed to meld heritage theory with hands-on practice.

The $400 certificate program comprises a mandatory core course called Heritage 101, as well as seven elective courses.

Graduation – and it’s expected it will take you about two years to complete the program schedule – is dependent on attendance and most courses are available evenings and weekends, in fall and spring sessions.

If you’re not looking for the diploma, you can pick and choose individual courses, which range in price from $12 to $100, and include Windows and their Conservation, Research the History of a Building, Creating a Budget for a Conservation Project, and Creating a Conservation Plan.

Instructors include familiar names in Metro Vancouver heritage circles, like consultant and author Don Luxton and Eric Pattison, a New Westminster architect who specializes in heritage building.

Source: No longer a deal, vintage homes priced for heritage and “green” benefits”, Vancouver Sun