They love us, they really love us!

In TenthToTheFraser’s short little life, we’ve made a big splash. Okay, I can’t take credit for any of it – I was just approached as a civic-aware, once-a-new-westie-always-a-new-westie girl to pen my piece for this blog only about 6 weeks ago – but we’ve been cited in the paper, recognized on other blogs, scooped almost every other major outlet, big or small, on New West’s electoral standings, and now we’ve been nominated for the Canadian Blog Awards, in the “Best Local Blog” category.

It’s up to you, New Westies – now that we all feel so bad for how terrible the voter turnout was in the recent municipal elections, exercise your francise between November 23rd and 29th by voting for Tenth To the Fraser: click the link on the sidebar, or below. You can vote once per round of voting, per computer. (Round 2 is next week – don’t worry, we’ll remind you.)

Vote Here for TenthToTheFraser for Best Local Blog

That’s a big community wave in a small town for such a short time. Who knows, maybe 102tF will become as big as the Hyack Anvil!

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  1. Good suggestion. We do tag our posts (click on the tag to see others with similar content), but we will explore adding categories as well.

  2. How about setting up the blog so there is different sections. Say Traffic, Parks& Rec, the new pool & new youth center, city hall, police politics/elections and the big one schools.

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