School trustee Lori Watt gives a kidney for Christmas

New Westminster school trustee Lori Watt calls giving a kidney to friend and acting coach Nathaniel Deveaux the “most unique” Christmas gift she has given in a recent Newsleader profile. No kidding!

It started with a phone call when Watt asked, “What blood type are you?”

“B positive,” he replied.

“I’m B positive too.”

That’s when she started thinking about it. After doing research on transplant surgery she told Deveaux she would donate her kidney.

A battery of medical tests showed they were a match and the surgery was scheduled.

“When we both got out of surgery we were each asking how each other was. The other day he walked over to my room in the hospital and thanked me profusely,” said Watt.

“I feel like we were brought together to work on [the play] The Museum Project. Then this happened. I just feel really blessed to be able to give back this way.”