Circus classes now offered at the Quay

I knew the new owners of the Quay market were looking to do things differently, but I never expected this. 

The River Market at the Quay is now offering classes from the Vancouver Circus School in Aerial Silk, Swinging Trapeze, and Aerial Arts. The circus director is Aaron Johnson, who was an acrobatic coach for Cirque Du Soleil, and (according to the River Market newsletter) has “strong roots in New West.”

The Market’s renovations are still ongoing, and are not expected to be complete until late 2009. Holding on through the renos are:

  • Top Gun Sushi
  • Paddlewheeler Pub
  • Paddlewheeler Liquor Store
  • Paddlewheeler Boat Tours
  • Laguna Blu Restaurant
  • Riva Cafe
  • Imperial Pharmacy
  • Vancouver Circus School
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