Diesel spill on the Fraser River

There’s an ugly “sheen” on the Fraser right now, and a strong smell, caused by a burst pipe at a CN rail yard in Surrey. The spill was contained by cleanup crews from several environmental organizations. The diesel may have made its way downriver as far as Queensborough.

Yoss Leclerc, harbour master with Port Metro Vancouver, said the diesel came from a CN rail yard in Surrey, where a land-based pipe ruptured and spilled diesel into the river. The pipe ruptured Monday afternoon and was stopped within an hour.

“There was a sheen on the river,” said Leclerc about the spill that was detected by a Port Metro Vancouver patrol boat. “The crew was trying to figure out the source.”

According to Leclerc, the patrol boat reported the spill to the Coast Guard. Other agencies, such as Fisheries and Oceans Canada, were also informed.

“There was no report of affected wildlife or anything like that,” Leclerc said. “Nothing was found.”

Two environmental response organizations attended the scene to clean up the spill.

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