‘Green’ transportation programs planned

The City of New West has received a grant from the feds to boost green transportation in the city. We’re already fairly well served by transit, and our small footprint makes New West more walkable than many places. The funds, which will be matched by the city, look like they will target awareness programs. 

The city is receiving a $120,000 grant from the federal government for environmentally-friendly transportation programs to get people out of their cars and encourage walking and cycling to local schools. The funding, matched by the city, also pays for a co-ordinator to promote green transportation options.

The first initiative New Westminster plans to take on will focus on getting city hall employees out of their cars. Alternatives such as greater use of transit, cycling, walking and car sharing can reduce the number of car trips staff make commuting to work.

The campaign will first establish a baseline by looking at existing habits, said Catherine Mohoruk, New Westminster’s transportation engineering specialist.

A similar campaign is aimed at employees working for the city’s largest employers, including Royal Columbian Hospital and Douglas College.

And another initiative, the Safer Routes to School Program, will aim to get parents of school aged children to choose alternatives to driving their kids to school.

Source: Ottawa gives NW some ‘green’ money | New Westminster News Leader

I’m sure NWEP‘s all over this, but I don’t see any comment on their website. I’m curious to hear what they think about this – and if the city will involve them in the campaign.