Port Royal gets controversial height variance

Despite vocal opposition from Quayside residents concerned about the impact on their views, city council has approved the request by Port Royal developer Aragon Properties to build a taller tower in Queensborough.

On Monday city council voted 5-2 in favour of a height variance for the Queensborough tower, which will allow the developer to add 28 more feet to the highrise.

Coun. Bob Osterman and Bill Harper opposed the variance.

Source: Port Royal tower to be taller | New Westminster News Leader

As The Record’s Theresa McManus reports, the decision illustrates that election endorsements don’t always translate into influence:

Allegations that city councillors who are endorsed by the New Westminster District and Labour Council or the Voice New Westminster electors group didn’t hold any weight in council’s consideration of a development variance for the Aragon Group’s proposed highrise at Port Royal.

Coun. Bill Harper, who was endorsed by the labour council, opposed the variance. Councillors Jonathan Cote, Jaimie McEvoy and Lorrie Williams, also endorsed by the New Westminster District and Labour Council, supported the variance

Councilors Bob Osterman and Betty McIntosh, members of the Voice New Westminster slate, were on opposing sides of the vote – a fact that made McIntosh smile. McIntosh supported the variance, while Osterman was opposed.

Source: Independent Thinkers | Only In New West (Royal City Record)

4 Replies to “Port Royal gets controversial height variance”

  1. You know, I watched that on the council TV and while I understand that it is a bother to make variances, I think we need to from time to time get creative, workable developments. Looking at the Quay from Port Royal, it is no wonder people want to live at the new Q’bro development. The view of the river, the boardwalk and the Quayside condo development is both interesting and beautiful. If I still lived at the quay, I would not mind to have a glittering glass structure in my view, instead of the industrial wasteland that is the south shore in Sur-Del.

  2. I'm a little lost on this one I have to admit.

    The variance passed right ?
    The development camp beat the voice of the Quayside citizens for 28 additional feet.

    When's it going up ?
    The same time the Star of Fortune Casino builds its Hotel ?


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