One of the more fun events to come across my inbox these days is the 7th Annual Ratstravaganza

You can’t make this stuff up. Seriously. 

My friend Simone heads a group called Little Mischief Rescue, an animal rescue and advocacy group dedicated to pet rats and ferrets in need. LMR doesn’t have a shelter -they have a province-wide small network of dedicated volunteers and foster homes. I’ve done a bit of help for Simone here and there – transporting ratties and what not – but Simone’s commitment to championing the rat as a great pet is, well, diehard. She actually makes me kinda want one of the little furballs with her great blog posts and pictures. Except, see also: shiba who thinks rats are best served on toast with a side of cheese.

In any event, I am planning to “get my rat on” next weekend because not only is the 7th Annual Ratstravaganza happening, but it’s happening here in our fair city at the Holy Trinity Cathedral Hall at 514 Carnarvon Street, on Saturday February 21st. Doors open at 11:00am and the show starts at 12:00pm. Admission is a lowly $3 for adults, $1 for kids over 3, and kids under 3 are free. 

From the RatsPacNW website:

Ratstravaganza is a domestic rat show, and educational event sponsored by RatsPacNW, a pet rat club that encompasses British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. RatsPacNW seeks to promote rats as pets, through shows and educational events such as this one. This annual show is open to the general public, for rat lovers and curious novices alike. Rat breeders, rescuers, and fanciers with years of experience will be on hand with displays and presentations on a variety of rat related topics such as general rat care, rat illnesses and first aid, inexpensive and creative toys and games for rats, rat genetics and breed standards, and much more. There will also be rat arts and crafts on display, as well as various types of rat merchandise available for purchase. The newest edition of Debbie Ducommun’s Rat Health Care booklet will be available for purchase at cost. For those wishing to adopt a highly socialized, adorable pet, breeders will have litters available for adoption, and Little Mischief Rescue will also be on hand with pet rats, and possibly other small animals, desperately in need of a second chance at a happy home. In addition to a standards show, the pet classes will include categories such as “most talented,” “most unusual”, “longest tail” and “best costume”, as well as the ever popular “rat races!” There is always a special category for the rescue rat with the most amazing story, told in 3 minutes or less. There will also be a raffle with some fantastic prizes. The deadline to enter rats for this show is midnight January 31st. No rats will be admitted unless registered on or before that time.