The Way We Were: Videos from our Past.

Recently, commenter and contributor Ruth Seeley mentioned a link to Rick Springate’s website Go See TV, a website that contains fascinating old video footage of New Westminster events, converted into easy to view digital vignettes. This website is a rare treasure trove of nostalgia for all who have lived a life in the Royal City or who are interested in the way lives use to be lived here.

One page of Go See TV exclusively presents footage from most May Day celebrations from 1932 to 1963, all of which were filmed by H.Norman Lidster, who was involved in the celebrations. Each file is a precious time capsule into the past of our city, our country the British Empire (take a look at some of the earlier videos and you will see what I mean) and the World. See elementary school students and high school students doing orchestrated calisthenics and complex dances. See the look of common purpose and confidence on the faces of the youth and the pride and respect they seem to get from their elders. It was a different time.

Here is the oldest of the files, from 1932.

In 1944, The May Queen arrived on an armoured personnel transport and there is an aircraft carrier in Coal Harbour.

Have a look and ask yourself: “what has changed in our society since some of these videos were created”? For one thing, I don’t think today’s school board would issue band and sports uniforms with such short skirts. Wait, we could once pay for uniforms?

For more period videos, see
and as well.

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