Upcoming 150th anniversary celebrations

So, we all know that any new west celebration of bc’s 150th birthday is sure to revere our fair city’s stories past. But as I sit here on my iPhone typing out this post with my thumbs, I wonder what we’ll do to connect this historical celebration with our brave new future. Live tweeting the parties and events? Helping to plan small group events by blog and wiki? What about HistoryCamp? Could we stream the procedings live on the Internet or get famous locals like jordie morneau (MLB MVP baseball player who went to NWSS) to send a video message? Better still, what about a YouTube contest for NW residents to submit videos about how they love their city?

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  1. 150th Celebration Digital Video Time Capsule

    Thomkinson’s you are all invited to make history on the occassion of the City’s 150th Anniversary by attending the Queen’s Park Resident’s Association’s bash on Sun.Apr.26 at which digital video will be taken of people telling their stories of connection to Queen’s Park, the neighbourhood and/or the Arena and playing feilds.

    The goal is to capture stories of social, familial and architectural connection to the neighbourhood. You don’t have to live in Queen’s Park to attend but,have a connection. For instance, the Thomkinson family lived in the house my husband and I now live in. This is a neat connection we share and would like to be video taped together with you all talking about this. The content will be accessible online and be delivered as a gift to the Museum and Archive for posterity. Here is the invite:
    Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Association Presents:

    Celebrate: New Westminster’s Historic 150th Birthday

    Sunday, April 26, 2- 4 pm, Centennial Lodge in Queen’s Park

    Be part of history. Tell your New Westminster story for our digital video ‘time capsule.’

    KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Chris Bryan, Editor, New Westminster News Leader.

    Using his March column as a jumping off point,”Is change a dirty word in New Westminster?,” Chris will share his unique views on the intersection of change and continuity in our 150 year old city.

    Digital ‘Time Capsule’: Be interviewed with your family and friends. Tell your unique story of social or architectural connection to Queen’s Park Neighbourhood for posterity.

    Trivia Game: How well do you know your heritage trivia? Test your skill. Prizes!

    OPEN MIKE: Share your story of significance in New Westminster.

    Connected through generations of family?

    · Some families (like Fred Cirillo’s mentioned in The Leader) have multi- generations living in New Westminster. If you or they have lived in Queen’s Park please invite your extended family to be part of this historic event and the digital ‘time capsule.’

    Connected via historic architecture?

    · Does the history of your old house in Queen’s Park engage your imagination and link you to the past? Is there an object, like an old photo of your house, or, a person, someone who used to live in your house, that makes this link more significant for you? If so, bring it or them along and tell your story of connection to history via architecture.

    About the Digital Video Time Capsule: Digital content created at this event will be accessible online and a copy will be given to the Museum and Archives in honour of the City’s 150 Anniversary. All are invited to bring their digital cameras to capture this event.


    WEB: http://www.qpra.org EMAIL: qpra@shaw.ca BLOG: queensparkra.blog.ca

  2. Make that the other members of the editorial team of T2F (no matter how infrequently we contribute!).

    It might just be a family event! I think Mom is even visiting this weekend, maybe she can come too. She’s the one who chose the house “because I could imagine my daughters in their wedding pictures on the front steps.”

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