Hyack Square to be transformed this summer

At the foot of the staircase leading the Quay, there has long been a lonely brick-paved square that always seemed to attract ne’er-do-wells. This gap between the new Sally Ann and The Keg has been simply a place one passes through.

If you’ve been through the area more recently, you’ve probably noticed construction in the square, and a big sign announcing a pending ‘Hyack Square’ revitalization in the space. I always wondered just what was coming there, and today I found out (PDF link): it’s not just beautification but building the community focal point that the area has lacked for so long. The once-lonely square will become a summertime gathering place for families, with a children’s water feature and an amphitheatre for music and other outdoor performance.

Also included in the revitalization:

  • New decorative paving
  • Street furniture & lighting
  • Decorative screens
  • Historical features
  • Ornamental plantings & lawn areas
  • Public art

Parks & Rec is coordinating a summer performance series in the amphitheatre through July and August, and we’ll be sure to add the details to our event calendar when we know more.

The project is supposed to be completed by the end of May. The grand opening is set for June 20.

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One Reply to “Hyack Square to be transformed this summer”

  1. They've been actually working on it for a few months now. I go for walks regularly down at the Quay, as well as drive back and forth past the site everyday at least four times as part of my job. It will no doubt be an improvement, and the timing for doing it is well thought out as the Quay itself is undergoing major renos as well and the vast majority of businesses aren't there or open right now. Alot better to do the project overhaul when thats occuring than when the renos are complete and people might actually want to use the overpass.

    I'll be interested to see how it looks once its done. The fact that a major truck route passes behind it should make the accoustics interesting.

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