Dawn Black Campaign Statement

Dawn Black
B.C. NDP candidate Dawn Black

During the 2009 BC Election Campaign, an opportunity has been provided to all election candidates in the riding to post a brief message to their constituents. These messages will not be edited.

In the guest post below, NDP Candidate Dawn Black has responded with a few words to the voters.

Dawn Black has been a strong advocate for New Westminster for years.

As a Member of Parliament, Dawn pushed for investment in public transit, a comprehensive anti-gang strategy, and keeping good, family-supporting jobs in our community.

Dawn has worked closely with seniors, parents and working people, and has acted on their concerns.

Under Gordon Campbell’s leadership, we’ve experienced hospital closures, mill closures, and cutbacks to education and health care.

“I decided to join Carole James and the BCNDP to take back our BC – New Westminster is my home and I want BC to be a place of opportunity and security for our children and grandchildren.”

Dawn’s Priorities for New Westminster

  • Increase Royal Columbian hospital’s funding to deal with shortages that began when St. Mary’s Hospital was closed down under the Liberals

  • Work with the police and community groups to implement an anti-crime strategy to keep our parks and streets safe

  • Raise the minimum wage and protect good-paying jobs

  • Invest in transit to help reduce the amount of traffic that goes through New Westminster – 500 new buses for the Lower Mainland

  • Re-establish adequate funding for schools, to avoid the spectre of school closures

  • Create more affordable housing and close the “renovation” loophole that allows landlords to evict tenants and charge unfair rent

For more information check out our website: dawnblack.bcndp.ca

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