BC-STV Not Supported by Voters in the Royal City

i voted today.
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As of 10:15 pm:

With 10 of 148 ballot boxed reporting, BC-STV has earned only 44% of the vote so far. 60% of the provincial popular vote is required for the electoral reform referendum to be passed.

Currently, provincial popular support for BC-STV is about 39%, a blow for BC-STV supporters. Major news outlets have called the defeat of the initiative.

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2 Replies to “BC-STV Not Supported by Voters in the Royal City”

  1. It would have been something to have the BC-STV. It would have changed the whole way we interact with our MLAs here (for the better!)

    Hopefully we can keep PR on the table, and push for reform in the future.

  2. Clearly the message was loud and clear. STV is not Proportional Representation. As I previously argued, when shown a map of FPTP and seeing the city I live in as a electoral riding, then looking at the STV scenario, and seeing NW lumped in with the larger Burnaby ridings, I felt quite confident that people would go for true "local" representation over the misnomers put out by the Pro STV crowd. But the debate's been had, the referendum has sent the clear message, now let's move on.

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