Election Returns Favour BC NDP Candidate Dawn Black

Though her early lead of over 60%  has waned as the night developed, NDP candidate for New Westminster and former Federal NDP MP Dawn Black held a safe lead as the evening wore on.

An experienced politician and opposition defense critic in Ottawa, Dawn Black will now join the Provincial opposition caucus as New Westminster’s voice in Victoria.

With 142 of 148 ballot boxes reporting, BC Election Results in the riding of New Westminster are below.

New Westminster Dawn Black BC NDP 10,908 55.96%
Matthew Laird Green Party of BC 1,780 9.13%
Carole Dorothy Millar BC Liberal Party 6,804 34.91%
142 of 148 ballot boxes reported 19,492 100%

One Reply to “Election Returns Favour BC NDP Candidate Dawn Black”

  1. Congrats to Dawn Black on a hard fought campaign. I was also happy to see that the overall electorate voted against the STV. I think that once looking at the ridings, and realizing that the fallacy of "enhanced local representation" being put forward by the proponents of STV didn't add up, they did the right thing and voted against it. Common sense prevailed. In terms of the overall campaign, in numbers it went about the way I thought it would. 6 new ridings, bringing the total of ridings to 85, and the Libs and NDP each picked up 3. So in short, status quo, with the exception of Stone Wally in Delta South. As of 1650 today, he now trails Vicki Huntington by 56 votes, pending a judicial recount.

    I'm pulling for the independent to win. What a take out that will be. Overall, I think that the media has selective memory when it comes to talking about the BCNDP's negative campaigning vs Campbell's positive campaigning. The media refer to the spoof ads put out as "Gordon Campbell hates seniors" and the like. Those were those infamous third party ads. Yet the same media doesn't talk about the Independent Contractors ads hijacked from the federal conservatives, featuring to soccer mothers talking over coffee about a bunch of.. ok this is a family blog. But you get the hint. The media is hugely tsk tsking the NDP for going negative, in partnership with various unions. Yet the Fiberals are getting a free ride over their garbage? Come on. But then again, until there's actually an independent media in this province, we're stuck with what we've got.

    And in terms of the negative BCNDP ads, all they did was talk about Campbell's record in office. That's not negative… thats fact. But that's right, we're all touchy feeley, huggie type people in BC. (holding barf bag close). Politics has been and will forever be in BC… a bloodsport. Best thing about the campaign locally, from my perspective was Carole Millar finally showing her face, and showing at the all candidates meeting why the BC Fibs have been hiding her. I agree with the sentiment of Briana, that she was in effect just interviewing for a job, and had no passion or drive, except to throw out cheap shots at hard working union people (private vs public liquor store purchase rates) and at Dawn Black (the infamous dumping ground comment.) I noticed that Dawn stayed out of the fray, letting some of her supporters have their shots instead. That's Dawn, above it all, class to the end. Glad she won.

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