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Some time ago, I guest posted about our challenges in finding a good Chinese take-out place in New West. Some mentioned Hon’s while others recommended the Dragon. Having eaten at both, I found a new contender.

The Lucky King Seafood Restaurant on 832 12th St. in New West is great. They have only been managing the place for two months and I’m sure the work being done on 12th doesn’t help with attracting foot traffic.

I’ve already read one letter in our local paper regarding their most excellent (sorry to sound like Keanu) dim sum. I feel compelled to let everyone know that Lucky King is a little gem in our neck of the woods. Fresh ingredients, not from a can and excellent customer service.

We ordered the “shredded pork with spinach in chilli sauce” and were told that they did not have any spinach, as their last batch was less than desirable. We asked for green beans instead and they happily accommodated us. They even went so far as to ask us to let them know how we liked it. Needless to say, I called them back to let them know how thankful we were to have them in our neighbourhood. They were most appreciative.

Our favourite dish, however, was the vegetable fried rice. That might sound strange to some, given the variety of Chinese delectables on offer at most Chinese restaurants but our reasoning is that all the ingredients were freshly cut and not out of a can and included much more than peas and carrots. I’m sure most of us can attest to the canned peas and carrots (the latter weirdly shaped into perfect squares) in most veg fried rice dishes and the feeling that we were somehow robbed of some of the best vegetables. Chinese broccoli, snap peas, egg, green onion and peas make up this delicious dish.

Lucky King’s portions are also very generous, so generous I cannot imagine them being able to keep that up for much longer. We had so many leftovers in all honesty we can have three meals out of the one order and there’s four of us in our household. My husband picked up another vegetable rice to go along with our leftover “shredded pork with green beans in chilli sauce” and “ginger chicken” and “seasonal vegetables in garlic”. They were so happy we ordered from them, they offered us four free spring rolls.

With the turnover of so many restaurants I certainly hope Lucky King stays in New Westminster. We’ve needed a more authentic Chinese restaurant for some time.

If you are looking for some really good Chinese food dine-in or take-out, visit Lucky King Seafood Restaurant, 832 12th Street. Before I forget, their phone number is 604-525-6000.

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  1. yeah we tried it last week and were pleasantly suprised… the spicy prawns and veg were great..lots of real prawns and not overly spicy. husband had the spicy chicken and he also enjoyed it. we'll definitely order from there again

  2. I’ve eaten at the Lucky King before, actually used the take out. Its good food. But I’m going to change gears a bit and address Matthew Laird’s comments in his letter to the editor published in the June 6th, 2009 issue of the Royal City Record. It reads as follows:

    Dear Editor:

    I, for one, welcome the traffic calming on New Westminster’s “main arteries” such as 12th Street, taking back our streets and sidewalks for neighbourhood residents, rather than those transiting through our city.

    Imagine being able to sit outside a shop such as the popular Village Coffee Lounge sipping your drink without cars and trucks racing by you.

    For too long New Westminster has been a speed bump in the regional road network.

    Maybe if we make it harder for people to drive through, polluting our city with noise and fumes, they’ll take a different route, or better yet select a different mode of transportation rather than driving.

    It’s time to start thinking beyond the car culture.

    We don’t want traffic. We don’t want to make it easier for cars in our city.

    We want a walkable, livable city we all can enjoy. Good for residents, good for local shops.

    Mr. Laird for too long has put forward this viewpoint completely and totally unopposed. Until now. There’s some facts that Mr. Laird should acquaint himself with.

    1. New Westminster is not a fortress unto itself in the lower mainland, contrary to his pipe dreams. There isn’t a huge wall on the Fraser River, up Highway 1, crossing at 10th Avenue and going down 20th Street. As much as Mr. Laird would like for this to exist.. it simply doesn’t.

    2. Not all services and amenities are within walking distance in the city of New Westminster. For example if you live in Sapperton, the 2 safeway stores, the IGA, and the soon to be built Save On Foods are not within walking distance, and its a huge burden to drag groceries home on a bus. As well, not everyone that lives in New Westminster, works in New Westminster, nor does business that doesn’t take them back and forth through New Westminster.

    3. His comments about “…without cars and trucks racing by you.” is made without any actual proof of any kind. What kind of “trucks” is he talking about. If its tractor trailers, let me assure Mr. Laird that tractor trailers do not go racing up and down 12th Street. As for cars, there’s too many lights on 12th street to allow people to get up to any kind of decent speed.

    4. His comment, “For too long New Westminster has been a speed bump in the regional road network.” I would totally agree with. Its better to get traffic moving smoothly and efficiently through New Westminster. The truck route believe it or not, follows the standard plan throughout North America, as the route takes commercial traffic to the southern most, and northern most points in the city. And for the most part, its not the trucks that cause the congestion on Columbia Street because we’re not allowed there. Its the cars trying to navigate through what was a major thoroughfare, now choked off by back angle parking. Trucks are prohibited from 12th Street unless making local deliveries, such as the coffee and supplies that Mr. Laird enjoys at the Village Cafe, as well as Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Safeway, IGA etc.

    5. “Maybe if we make it harder for people to drive through, polluting our city with noise and fumes, they’ll take a different route, or better yet select a different mode of transportation rather than driving.”

    You can’t make it much harder to get through New Westminster. And in terms of taking “a different route” Mr. Laird should take his head out of his behind and think about that. He CLEARLY doesn’t understand the realities of the Lower Mainland and the various transportation networks that exist.

    In the last provincial election he showed his ignorance about the Agricultural Land Reserve. After the All Candidates meeting, I confronted Mr. Laird on where he gets his information in regards to goods movement through New Westminster. I’ll preface this by saying that I’m a professional driver who works for a contractor doing local pick ups and deliveries for CP Rail. At that meeting Mr. Laird made reference to containers being moved between the Deltaport container terminal and CP Rail’s Vancouver Intermodal Facility, a statement that was in my opinion, highly misleading and misinformed.

    When confronted, he told me his source was an employee of CN Rail, CP Rail’s chief competitor. No facts or figures, nothing else, just the word of an employee of a competing railway. Try asking someone in the actual business of goods movement throughout the region. Someone involved in the industry itself who has a bit of an understanding of how things work. As a professional driver for the past 10 years, as someone who has an interest in the industry I’m involved with along with the community I live in, I’m sick and tired of being attacked by people like Mr. Laird, people who are largely ignorant of the facts and realities of life, who wish to live their lives in a world with a huge wall built around them. And I suppose I’ve turned the other cheek for the last time. As they say, “walk a mile in my shoes” before making false misleading statements.

    (Editor: I’d like this posted as a guest column. Thanks.

  3. Lucky King! Take out last night. Jumbo Portions with extra egg rolls (free!).

    Very satisfied.

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