Cars we knew and drool over

(Today we are live-blogging from the 12th Street Festival – come find us in front of Village Coffee at 7th avenue and 12th Street!)

Here at the T2F booth at New Westminster’s 12th Street Festival, we are sitting across from three of the most beautiful cars that came out of the 1950’s and 60’s, and talking cars we love and wish we could own.

Will has a yen for the crazy Japanese import Delicas, wierd retro jeeps from the post-war period, and other cars whose names and number I don’t understand. Jen, on ther hand, actually owned a piece of automobile history, an incredibly rare 1973 Volkswagen 412 (type 4) fastback, and a 74 Standard Beetle (she informs me this is a Type 2).Damn Air Care for making licencing these vehicles impossible!

I digress… here we are on a magnificent day, drooling over these beautiful pieces of auto gloriousness. Thanks, car owners!

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  1. We used to own a 1953 Cadillac (with push button windows!)my dad had painted powder blue with white trim and roof. I had some of the best sleeps of my childhood in that car as my dad drove through torrential rain, thunder and lightning between Ottawa and New Brunswick. The only reason we were able to afford it was because my uncles – in their heydey in the tinsmithing business – used to buy themselves new Cadillacs every year. Sadly, ours was a lemon and spent most of its time in the shop. The good news though was that it was always prominently displayed when it was in for repair, so we could ‘visit’ it and wave to it. 🙂

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