NW Firefighters keep the city cool

(Today we are live-blogging from the 12th Street Festival – come find us in front of Village Coffee at 7th avenue and 12th Street!)

NW Firehall #2 firefighters turn the hose on a joyful crowd at the Thirsty Duck’s raffle – part of the 12th Street Festival here in New Westminster. Even the photos are refreshing…

One Reply to “NW Firefighters keep the city cool”

  1. That was a great moment in New Westminster life. The ranking fire department officer gave the order to provide some citizen relief and the crew immediately obliged, deploying a hose equipped with a stainless steel sprayer device. As soon as the water started flowing, the upper parking lot of the Thirsty Duck Pub was crowded with kids and some women looking for relief from the heat.

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