Restaurant review: Los Generales

Good food. Cheap prices. Cheery service. Free wifi. Booze.

It may look humble, with its homemade signage and rather drab, dated decor, but Los Generales at 334 Sixth St.delivers a surprisingly warm, satisfying, authentic Mexican culinary experience. It is well worth a visit.

Chicken enchilada smothered in green tomatillo sauce at Los Generales in New Westminster
Chicken enchilada smothered in green tomatillo sauce at Los Generales in New Westminster

If your experience of Mexican cooking has so far been limited to chain restaurant fajitas, quesadillas and tacos, you may be surprised at the wholesome simplicity of the food. Cast Taco Bell expectations aside, and you’ll soon appreciate the homey fare Los Generales has to offer.

The tortilla chips with homemade green or red salsa are bottomless and the portions are generous. I had the chicken enchiladas with green tomatillo sauce, and it was delicious, filling, and cost only $7! Fellow TTTF crew Will and Jocelyn were with me as well. Jocelyn had the four-taco platter (also $7) and Will chose the Platillo de Carnitas de Puerco (slow-cooked pork served with rice, refried beans and cheese) for $8.50. All satisfying comfort food!

Los Generales on UrbanspoonAs for the booze, the margaritas are pleasantly lime-y and the glasses sport sugared rims. The beer is served in frosted mugs with a twist of lime.

The booze isn’t as good a bargain as the food, though pricing is still within restaurant standards. The margaritas are $7 and $8, and beer ranges from $5-7. A couple at a neighbouring table ordered mojitos that quickly became objects of envy, with the fresh mint leaves tucked in the icy glasses. They assured us the drinks tasted as good as they looked.

Tasty margaritas at Los Generales
Tasty margaritas at Los Generales

Fellow Royal City blogger Dave Marchuk also reports in his review of Los Generales that the Blue Margarita ($7) is ‘exceptional’ and the cheddar cheese and chorizo sausage appetizer ($8) is also excellent. Dave says the chicken burrito was the best he’s ever had – and his date’s chicken enchilada was ‘unbelievably yummy.’ He also sings the praises of the minty mojitos.

All in all, Los Generales is a worthy new addition to the New Westminster restaurant scene, with top-notch food and service, and lots of memorable little touches that deliver a great experience.

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  1. I repeated my visit to Los Generales and found the staff to be even more friendly and helpful. The waitress who was not there during out first visit really helped make the small restaurant feel especial.

    While I did not like my entree as much as on my previous visit, I did order the choriso and cheese appetizer plate (aka cardiologist’s delight). Very tasty. At Los Generales, you are more than a customer, you are ‘el Patron’!

  2. Try their dessert. Thin fried corn with cinnamon and sugar on it. Stellar.

    Their drinks need some improvement but the food is great. NOT a typical portion size so you big rugby players might want to have a sandwich before you head down there.

  3. I was with Will both times, and I can tell you that it is one place where you listen to the waitress.
    She brought me a margarita whose name I don’t remember but I do believe it had mango with an orange-liqueur? SO GOOD. The food is great, but portions are small – but so is the cost, so hey, buy another.

    My one big beef: the stupid martini glasses for margaritas! Seriously people – not cool, and not attractive. Give me those big rustic blown-glass cups I had at a mexican place in NYC anytime. AT least the drink stayed where you put the cup! On my 2nd visit to los generales, I spilled my super-tasty margarita on myself three times, prompting the cliche’d comment “I think you already have too much alcohol, yes?” from the cheery waitress. humph.

    Note: despite signs to the contrary, no wheelchair accessible washrooms are available. (Yet!)

  4. And now every Friday is Cuban night.

    My husband and I were there for the first night they did this and the food was excellent!

    We didn’t get to choose what we got, but then we didn’t have to pay either (the pleasures of being a Guinea pig)

    Highly recommended

  5. We tried this recently. At our table, we had the mole (on chicken), a quesadilla, the corn soup, and beef tacos.

    My chicken came luke-warm; the mole (green) was ok, not great.

    I tried the corn soup – again, it was ok, but not great. The person who ordered it agreed.

    I did not try the enchilada or the quesadilla, but the person who got the enchilada thought it was only so-so.

    The beef tacos, on the other hand, were amazing. They come in small corn tortillas, with sides of onions, etc, to pile on top.

    I had a mojito, and it was as good as the ones I remember getting at the small bars in Trinidad, Cuba.

    The staff were very friendly, but I got a strange vibe. There was a big guy with blond hair (looked like Duke Nuke Em), hanging out, moving quickly between inside and outside, smoking.

    Anyway, I want to like this place, so I am going to try again after a short break, and order something new off the menu. If you've gone, and had something you liked, I'd like to hear about it.

  6. I went there last night really hoping to be surprised. Surprised I was but not in a good way. The only thing that recommends this restaurant is the friendly server. After waiting over an hour for our 4 orders (the restaurant was not full, had three staff working in the kitchen and we could see no reason for the long wait) we were completely let down by the food. My pork tacos (cheap at $7) came with just the 4 mini corn tortillas (not even warmed up) and a small amount of minced onions, tomatoes and cillantro. Nothing else. The pork was dry and tasteless. Two others in my party had the special which had sounded delicious but in fact was nothing more that a cheap pork steak (overcooked and barely warm) with a mixture of rice and black beans (tasteless) and a tomato garnish. The drinks are very expensive. (2 cokes and a Corona cost $14). The Margheritas that we ordered were good (oddly served in Martini glasses) but at $8 each pretty costly.

    The decor was pretty awful. Flimsy, dirty pink plastic tablecloths from the dollar store on every table. Ugh. And the music, while interesting, was so loud that conversation was impossible. This place has a lot of potential with a decent amount of seating and a good location. It is not being utilized well.

  7. I went to this restaurant last night for dinner. Apparently every Wednesday night is Cuban night. The Cuban food was a bit more expensive, but the portion was huge and it was fantastic. Top that off with a Blue Margarita on the rocks for $6, I will be back for sure!

  8. As a Mexican, I’ll be judging this restaurant :). Some of the posts give me the idea this is a Cuban-Mexican fusion, so I am already eskeptical.
    I am always looking for authentic technics and flavours, so I will appreciate if this place turns out acceptable. So far I have three places that I love ( in this order): “Don Guacamole”, “Tequila y Agave”, “Ponchos”.

  9. Nadia,

    I am looking forward to an authentic review – my review was more about cold chicken, some uninspired soups, great beef tacos and mojitos. I can't really judge the authenticity of the food.

    Ole Ole has been the best experience in New West for Mexican food so far.

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