Winter Farmers Market to debut this December

New Westminster's Royal City Farmers Market will launch a new Winter Market this December. Photo: Graham Ballantyne
New Westminster's Royal City Farmers Market will launch a new Winter Market this December. Photo: Graham Ballantyne

Local Farmers Market regulars and aficionados will be happy to hear that they won’t have to wait until next spring to get their fix of fresh, local food and community spirit. New Westminster’s Royal City Farmers Market will launch a new monthly Winter Market beginning this December.

The Winter Market will be a monthly event on selected Saturdays from December to April in the hall at Holy Trinity Cathedral, and will feature locally produced meat, fresh winter produce (such as beets, cabbage, chard, onions, and potatoes) as well as prepared foods (jams, pickles, pies, dips and sauces), hot food, artisans and crafters, live music and other entertainment, children’s activities, community booths and more.

The RCFM board is very happy to find a location so close to the summer market space in Tipperary Park. For those of us who take transit, the hall at Holy Trinity is even more convenient, as it’s just behind Columbia SkyTrain Station.

As market regulars know, RCFM has been asking for feedback from customers and vendors on overall market performance, as well as gauging demand for a winter market. The online and in-person survey showed overwhelming support for a winter market, from both customers and vendors.

As observant fans of RCFM and Tenth to the Fraser have likely already noted, we are big market boosters here. Will Tomkinson is the newest member of the RCFM board, and is the market’s vendor liaison. Jen Arbo is the RCFM Market Manager. And I volunteer with the market, maintaining its website, Facebook page and Twitter account along with Jen and board Vice-President Matthew Laird.

The decision to move ahead with the RCFM Winter Market was just finalized this evening, so that’s all the information we’ve got to share. Watch for full details soon on market dates, vendors and more on the RCFM website, Facebook page and Twitter stream.

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    @nwfarmers hooray for a winter market!!!!! – Posted using Chat Catcher

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    Huzzah! Winter Farmers Market is a go in #NewWest! [link to post] (via @10thToTheFraser) AWESOME. – Posted using Chat Catcher

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    RT @10thToTheFraser Huzzah! Winter Farmers Market is a go in #NewWest! [link to post] – Awesome news! 😀 – Posted using Chat Catcher

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  5. Bryan: You bet there will be local veggies! I don't know yet what the exact selection will be, but there will definitely be fresh produce.

  6. This is something I wanted to do with the summer market but now I have time to develop our food menu. Supporting the farmers market and have a great fresh panini at the same time is a no brainer.

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