Federal Liberal Campaign Statement, Ken Beck Lee

During the 2009 Federal By-Election Campaign in the Coquitlam-New Westminster riding, an opportunity has been provided to all election candidates in the riding to post a brief message to their constituents. These messages will not be edited.

kenbecklee-photo01Unlike the other candidates, I am not a career politician. I am an environmental engineer and a successful small business owner, and have been a long time resident of New Westminster. Since 2002, I have been a member of the expert roster for the UN Climate Change Agency, which has allowed me to travel the world and ensure that greenhouse emission reduction projects are fiscally sound. I understand and appreciate the needs of our communities and I have the real life experience and knowledge of how to get things done successfully and efficiently.

I believe in the importance of education and life-long learning. I have spent many years learning in various post-secondary environments and I know that education will value not only the individual learner, but the Canadian community and economy as well. I believe in the significance of early childhood education and appreciate that we must work together to ensure that strong social bonds are present within individual families and also within our communities.

Our communities need job creation and economic growth. Mr. Harper is threatening Canada’s economic recovery by imposing tax hikes, such as the HST and EI Payroll Tax. These taxes will hurt the small businesses that provide our communities with the greatest employment opportunities. The bottom line is that Stephen Harper’s taxes are jeopardizing our economic resurgence and Jack Layton and the NDP are supporting him.

Canadians deserve better. We can do better.

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