A new addition to the editorial team

Nora Tomkinson photo: Briana Tomkinson

You may have noticed that T2F has gone quiet this week as William and Briana awaited the new addition to their family. As those of you on facebook or twitter have already discovered, the big day has come and gone!

We are all thrilled to introduce you to Nora Mary Alden Tomkinson, who was born at 4:35am Thursday October 22nd (the day before her daddy’s birthday!). She is healthy and happy and (so far) is proving to be a very generous sleeper. Bree and Will are well and coping graciously with the swarms of visitors. Wesley is thrilled to be an older brother, and pretty excited at all the attention.

Nora Tomkinson photo: Briana Tomkinson

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  1. Congratulations to all of you. She’s beautiful. Looking forward to hearing Wesley’s musings about his baby sister on Twitter.

  2. Thanks everyone! Things are going great so far! Wesley is adjusting well, though we're working on tempering his fierce expressions of toddler love (eyes are not for poking, babies don't like to be thumped like dogs do … etc). The real test will come when Will returns to work and it's just me with the two of them. So far Nora is a blessed little sleeper, and easily soothed, so if that continues I may get lucky and have an easier time than I had expected!

  3. What a sweet little family. We are so lucky to have another newborn to cuddle – and I missed Wesley's (loud) newborn days so I am going to have to make up for that.

    I think for wes it seems he's also having to get used to the idea that Mommy is sometimes busy now. I played with him the other day when Briana had a nap and Wes was not thrilled, but he muddled through. Super Interesting Auntie Play WITH CARS! ensued and seemed to help.

  4. Congratulations, she’s georeous!

    How are you holding up the first week with two? It took my wife and I some time, but you figure it out. Hope Wesley is taking care of his little sister.


    mark h

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