Massey Theatre ‘the heart of a community’

Massey Theatre. Photo: BuckyHermit
Massey Theatre. Photo: BuckyHermit

This is a guest post by Frances Monteleone, drama teacher at New Westminster Senior Secondary.

A theatre represents the heart of a community; a single performance can unite strangers and evoke a sense of belonging and understanding. New Westminster cannot lose its beloved Massey Theatre.

During this period of economic breakdown and resulting budget cuts, we must continue to recognize what is integral to our city’s livelihood. Moreover, we cannot turn a blind eye to the many benefits this particular stage has provided to the students in our district. We must make every effort to preserve and save an aging building that has presented its users with so many opportunities throughout its sixty years of history.

I have had the privilege of directing numerous shows on the Massey Stage, including sold-out performances of Annie and Bye Bye Birdie. It is imperative that the students continue to have access to this particular theatre. Anything smaller would not suffice.

The more we work together the happier we’ll be. Let’s find a solution so that everyone can stand up and applaud.