Hyack the Holidays: Green Gifts

Snow Family by Graham Ballantyne
Snow Family by Graham Ballantyne

There’s a million green gifts out there, and an even larger number of gifts pretending to be green but really, with huge carbon footprints and huge consumptive and wasteful histories. Green really is the new black.

We’re selecting a few green goodies you might not necessarily see in your average Green Gift Guide in the mass media- and a few goodies special to New West and Tenth to the Fraser.

  1. Homegrown right here in New Westminster is the Biggest Little Garden in Town project. Originally designed to bring fresh produce to apartment-dwelling residents, and increase food sustainability in New West, this program has gained in popularity and reputation and now includes the opportunity for the general public to buy one of their custom made planters.
  2. Goods from the Royal City Farmers’ Market Winter Market. Due to the overwhelming success of the summer farmers’ market located in Tipperary Park, the RCFM organization made the decision to start a winter market. The first market kicked off December 12th with great success – and the next one is January 9th. While you can’t go and buy goods to give in time for Christmas, why not make your loved one a “gift card” and join them on January 9th to pick up homemade salsa, fresh cheese, beautiful jewelry, local art, fresh produce, and locally raised meat – just to name a few? There’s also bison dogs, kettlecorn, and hot beverages to make it a complete day. Everything is made, baked, or grown by the vendors themselves in BC. The RCFM Winter Market is on selected Saturdays once a month at Holy Trinity Cathedral from 10AM-2PM. More info is on their website.
  3. Seed bombs – you can make seed bombs yourself. We use West Coast Seeds for all our garden’s seeds because they are superior quality and a nice local company. Their seeds are available at a few local garden stores (it changes every year) as well as online and at their store in Ladner. You can follow directions for seed bombs (or seed balls if your peacenik side recoils at “-bomb” anything) from a number of websites – this is one from a West Coast gardener.
  4. For the post 19 crowd, why not take your gift receiver to check out Green Drinks on the first Wednesday of the month at The Heritage Grill? Green Drinks is an informal social night for people in the environmental field and other like minded individuals. Conveniently, The Heritage Grill is more or less right beside Columbia Skytrain Station.
  5. Consider giving a gift made locally from Etsy. Etsy is a large online community of crafters, often with one of a kind unique items. Using the “Shop Local” feature, I punched in New Westminster and came up with 13 recently updated shops. Most etsy-ers are okay with local pickups, too, to save on shipping.

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