Tenth to the Fraser Best of 2009

As 2009 winds down and we begin to look forward to 2010, I thought I’d take a look at some of our top posts and do a bit of a retrospective for auld lang syne.

Most-read posts in 2009

Looks like TF readers think with their stomachs! Our top five most-read posts are all about food!

Mnnnn. Perogy FTW
Mnnnn. Perogy FTW

Friday night perogy dinner: Cyril and Methodius never had it this good – In which Will writes about our first visit to the monthly repast at the Holy Eucharist Cathedral, featuring authentic Ukrainian perogies, borscht,  sausages and the best carrot cake in the universe. Perogy dinner is usually the last Friday of the month, but it does vary sometimes. Watch for signs at the church or give them a call if you’re looking to go.

A legend in the making? T2F reviews Waves Coffee House, Columbia & Begbie – Waves initially gets rave reviews from Jocelyn upon opening, but commenters soon turn on the cafe, complaining of poor service and quality of product. Who knew New West folk cared this much about coffee?

4 Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurants I LikeJen gives props to four little-known restaurants in New West: Pho Maxima, Hi Dozo, Golphis and Ole Ole. Our awesome commenters weigh in with a few picks of their own, both well-known and relatively undiscovered: Go Thai, Royal Tandoori, Moonrakers, The Heritage Grill, The Orange Room, Mom’s Cafe, Yianni’s, K Sushi, Tamarind Hill, Couzie’s … it’s essentially a roundup of recommendations for the TF readership’s favourite places to eat in New West.

Jen’s post inspired our fourth most-read post, Ruth Seeley‘s guide to breakfast and ‘blunch’ in New West. Ruth’s roundup of favourite breakfast eateries is a must-read if you are looking for somewhere new to go for brunch on New Year’s Day!

Last in our top five is my review of Urth Coffee House, which has become my favourite cafe in New West.

My favourite posts of 2009

One of our top 10 most read, and one of the posts on our site with the most comments, is Rob Jones‘ debut contribution, 10 noteworthy place in New West, which describes the unique features of our city that most stood out for him as a newcomer to New West. Rob is one of my favourite writers on our site. His post Night Walk in New West is a thing of beauty, and is among my favourite reads on our site.

I also loved my husband Will’s rebuttal to Bill Chu of “Canadians for Reconciliation,” whose laser focus on historical incidents of racism in the Royal City resulted in much self-flagellating coverage in both our local newspaper and the Metro Vancouver and national press. Will itemizes the accusations Chu makes and does what few in the media bothered: cast a critical eye on the veracity of the claims. He also questions whether ‘reconciliation’ is really the issue, and if so, whether Chu’s demands are a realistic way to achieve this. An edited version of Will’s long post was later reprinted in the Newsleader (sadly, it is no longer available online).

Marcy Koopmans‘ description of a Tweetup as the least awkward meeting of total strangers she’d ever been to makes the list too, partly because that summary of our get-together cracks me up. I also think it’s a great illustration of how the Web can help new residents put down roots and beome enfolded in the life of the city.

As for my own contributions, I think my favourite is the rallying cry for community participation in my post Be not deterred by the wall of plaid. It was inspired by an opinion piece in the Globe & Mail which posited that low civic engagement was due to irreconcilable differences between the generations and diverse cultures that make up Canadian society.  The Globe piece attempts to paint the mass media as the glue of society, and low newspaper readership and the rise of the Web among the reasons for these schisms that undermine civic participation. My take: “The supposed apathy of young adults related to politics and community is a symptom of alienation, not a widespread generational character fault. The solution is bridge-building, not finger-pointing or doom-saying.” The Web offers unsurpassed potential to do just that – with or without the mass media.

I also liked the Hyack the Holidays series, and I only wish we’d had more time to write the rest of the posts we had planned for the series. There are so many underappreciated businesses in New West, and I love sending a little link love their way. Going forward in the new year, I hope to include more local gift guides to encourage more people to check out unique local finds rather than just defaulting to a trip to the mall.

Here’s to the New Year! I wish you all a fabulous 2010 in the Royal City!

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  1. Thanks a lot for mentioning two of my articles here, and the high compliments. I've been so pleased to be welcomed in and encouraged to contribute. As a new resident here in New West, I consider doing so a privilege, and feel as though being able to add something to the voice of my community in my own way to be pretty incredible.

    Thanks to all of the other writers and to Briana and Will for this blog, a true asset to our city. I look forward to the chance of contributing further in 2010.

    Cheers! Happy New Year!

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