Questions from readers: Why so few adult-oriented classes at NWPR?

Recently, we put the call out to our readers to submit the questions about local matters that have you stumped. Today, we’ve got the answer to a question from Kathryn Berry: “Why are there are so few recreational classes offered by NWPR for adults, such as dance classes? There are lots for children and for seniors, but there seems to be a paucity of physical recreation for the adult crowd.”

Here’s the response we got from Jason Haight, manager of building operations at New Westminster Parks, Culture & Recreation:

Thank you for your question. Parks, Culture & Recreation does offer a wide range of adult fitness based activities (physical recreation) through drop-in programs for skating, swimming, hockey, karate, soccer, volleyball, badminton, gymnastics, group fitness and fitness centres. We also offer a number of registered adult fitness programs for yoga, walking and running. All of these services are outlined in our Winter Active Living Guide.

With respect to dance classes we offer several older adult dance classes, geared to the 40+ or 55+ age groups but we do not currently have adult specific dance classes. History has told us that these classes struggle with registration. Combined with space limitation and not wanting to duplicate services and compete with New Westminster continuing education programs and local private sector dance companies, we only offer adult dance intermittently.

I hope this answers your question.

A lack of demand is a disappointing but expected answer to Kathryn’s question. The private sector dance companies he’s referring to include Dance With Me Studio on Front St., Latin Beat Dance Club lessons at Douglas College, Ammara Dance on Sixth St., Boswell Dance Academy on Blackford St, and The Dance Matrix on Agnes St.

If you’re interested in the NWPR drop-in programs, you may be interested to read Will’s post about taking advantage of the on-site childcare to do some time in the weight room at Canada Games, followed by daddy-son pool fun with our toddler, or Clara Cristofaro’s post on her blog about the laughably hard “Workout Lite” program.

Update: Jason tells me program suggestions can be directed to or by calling 604-527-4567.