There’s a new game (store) in town

One of my many nerdy pleasures is games. Before having kids, I loved to play both computer games and board games. I even played a little Magic: The Gathering with friends (and liked it!). So you can perhaps imagine the little frisson of fun I felt when I stumbled upon a new board game shop just a block off New Westminster’s bridal boulevard.

Inside Board Game Warriors, at 708 Clarkson St.
Inside Board Game Warriors, at 708 Clarkson St.

Board Game Warriors, at 708 Clarkson St., is a little gem of a store tucked under the SkyTrain tracks. It offers a large selection of games for teen and adult gamers, plus a few for younger gamers age five and up.  Like Settlers of Catan? It looks like they’ve got every expansion ever made (and most were in store). Ditto for Carcassonne. The selection in-store seemed to lean towards the quasi-historical strategy games, but it may be that we just noticed what we like! There’s a lot to see.

But the very best thing about Board Game Warriors? Open box gaming nights. Three nights a week, board game lovers are invited to come and geek out on hundreds of games you can play for free. Talk about an awesome free night out with friends. No reservations are needed, just drop by with your posse and choose something to play. Open gaming sessions are listed on Board Game Warriors’ website, and are currently Tuesday and Thursday from 5-9pm and Saturday noon-7pm.

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