Light a candle for Mother Earth during Earth Hour on March 27

Last year New Westminster had the unfortunate honour of being the Lower Mainland community with the fewest participants in Earth Hour 2009. For one hour, people all around the world turn out their lights in a symbolic gesture to show awareness that there are limits to the Earth’s resources. New West, however, said, “Meh.”

To be fair, our family was among those. Earth Hour wasn’t really on our radar, and we didn’t really think about it until it was over. Later on, I regretted it.

I have come to believe in the power of small change. By itself, Earth Hour solves none of the problems associated with climate change. But it presents an opportunity to take time out from the thoughtless consumption that marks so many of our evenings: watching TV, surfing the Internet, or whatever the usual pattern is.

So take Earth Hour and use the hour of quiet to have a candlelight snuggle with your sweetheart, do some quiet meditation, break out the acoustic guitar or go to sleep decadently early.

New West power consumption dropped only 0.1% in 2009’s event, compared to 1.4% in 2008. This year, the City of New West is again calling for participation in the event. Here’s hoping we step up to the plate in 2010.

Earth Hour is from 8:30-9:30pm on March 27, 2010.

2 Replies to “Light a candle for Mother Earth during Earth Hour on March 27”

  1. I totally agree, one hour of doing less is a small slice out of the year to show resepect for our home, the earth. Last year New Westminster was at the bottom of the list for major cities in Canada, Toronto led the pack (that should be embarassing enough for a west coaster). Turning off all electrical devices in your house is a good way to discover how many items we leave plugged in all the time even when we are not using them. The City of New Westminster encourages participation but I would like to know how they participate, how many lights they turn off.

  2. I totally agree. This will be the third year we have participated. It has become a family tradition to make nachos or pizza ahead of time, light some candles and have an old fashioned family game night. My youngest absolutlely loved it so much the first year she looks forward to it each year now.

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