New West bike n’ dine

New Westminster can be a tough customer for a cyclist! There’s a reason they call it uptown. So how can the average rider find a comfortable route from downtown to uptown? Frequent rest stops for snacks and beverages at the local eateries, of course!


Begin by trundling your faithful two-wheeled friend to Theresa Mae’s for a hearty slice of toasted fresh baked bread with all day breakfast or soup and sandwich. Heading east, our attention turns to coffee— nature’s ally to the uphill challenged. Staying on Carnarvon, The Hide Out Cafe is a short push up at #716.

Nourished and energized, you’re off to take a chunk out of that hill, and your carbs. Continue on Carnarvon to 6th street, turn left and head up to Clancy’s, to responsibly enjoy a Dead Frog while trivializing, then back to the ride.

Fed, caffeinated, and slightly numbed, you are ready to take on the longest segment of your route, from #140 to 620 6th Street. The sting of hill-climbing will subside with the rising view of The Orange Room on your left, across from the Legion.

You’ve arrived! From old downtown to less-old uptown, your final reward of The Orange Room’s tasty tapas will surely make the arduous climb worth the effort.

From here the choice is yours, but I recommend the same in reverse. Well, ok, not everyone enjoys riding backwards, but the downhill route is just as tasty!

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  1. What a great post! I'm very much looking forward to a spring ride along this route. I've lived in New West almost a year now and haven't checked out any of these local haunts!

  2. Like to Bike on a hill. Start a Saturday afternoon ride at the newly renovated Terninal Pub for a refreshing beverage. (Lots of parking for out-of-towners) Head North on 12th Street, which has the same "elevation challenge" as 6th Street. Hot day and worked up a sweat? Stop at the Thirsty Duck, 6th Ave & 12th Street for a cold one. Cross the street and have a bite to eat at the Purple Lotus Great all day breakfast. Save the urge for Coffee and proceed north to the Village Coffee Lounge (7th and 12th)where you can get the Best in New West freshly brewed Organic, Farmers First coffee and healthy snacks. The Village is licensed so add a favourite topper for that extra energy boost. For the month of April "Sugar Plum Croxen" entertains all you blues fans Saturday from 4 PM to 9 PM. Something to keep in mind after your ride. The Village also has a bike rack and a patio (Latte' Lane) where you can secure your bike. Continue North to Ziada Restaurant(Ethiopian fare) Ole' Ole (Mexican) and other ethnic restaurants. At Tenth Ave, just past 7-11 a small noodle house called "Noodle Box" awaits you. While you have come this far you may as well cross 10th Avenue 1 block north to Langley Market for very fresh vegetables.

    On the down hill run do not miss the opportunity to take out a Donair at one of three Donair shops. 12th Street is reknown for Donair shops.

    Have a safe climb.

  3. @ John,

    So True. A better falafel or donair is hard to find off of 12th st in New Westminster and the hospitality of the coffee houses is pretty great too :-).

  4. Thanks, John. I enjoy the blues, especially live, and a ride up to the Village for refreshment and blues sounds like a perfect Saturday evening after closing the shop.

    I've been contemplating a route for NWC's next community ride and I think this would be a great way to tie in some unique New West flavour.


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