Spring Wellness Challenge

I participated in a focus group this past Tuesday night to help improve the website for  New Westminster Parks, Culture, and Recreation and part of our “homework” prior to the evening was to troll around on the NWPCR website to get a better idea of what worked and what didn’t. It was while trolling around I discovered that the NWPCR department has put together a Spring Wellness Challenge to get us all up and at ’em, dust off those wintery cobwebs, and get our collective butts moving. Here’s a little bit more info on the City’s website, and here is the brochure/checklist.

Queensborough Flowers on a Walk, by Eric Jung (Koshisan) via Flickr

It started Monday, but you can still print off the brochure or pick one up and catch up. The challenge runs from April 26 to May 24 and you’ve got till June 7th to drop off completed cards at any NWPCR facility to enter to win some stuff! At our house, the gauntlet has been laid down to see who can complete more challenges. Hey, it’s free, and it’s motivating. Family walks are very popular in our house. Specifically: family walks that tire out toddlers and dogs.

Further, you can get two bonus points for going for a Community Walk with Mayor Wright on May 15th at 11:00am at the Queen’s Park Arena- a fact which cracks me up and I’m not really sure why. I’ll be on vacation so, Wayne, can I get a rain cheque on that walk? I need my two points.

Also check out this really awesome complete list of things to do put together by NWPCR. (Now, if we can just get them to stop putting everything on a PDF so that it’s more accessible by mobile, I’d be delirious.)