I Love Transit Night at the Heritage Grill (plus, a contest!)

Update: the winner is … Jessica! She wrote,

I have a few friends who despise transit, but I like it! Why NOT pay the discounted UPASS fare and get unlimited travel around our great city?! It’s so fun travelling via transit when special events are happening because you could meet to many people it’s crazy; Olympics, Canada Day, etc. I also like the texting feature where they will text you times for the next bus; it’s super helpful. The bus is where you don’t need an excuse to not do homework, stress, worry about life…it’s my down time to just reflect. Some bus drivers are awesome characters! GO TRANSIT.”

Thanks everyone for playing – and sharing what you love about public transportation! The winner was picked via a random number generator.

Photo: Waferboard (via Flickr)
Photo: Waferboard (via Flickr)

This week is I Love Transit Week over at the Buzzer Blog. TransLink blogger Jhenifer Pabillano describes it as “a low key but sincere celebration of what people like about transit (even though there’s much we don’t like!)” All this week, The Buzzer Blog will be publishing essays, photos and interviews about transit, and you’ll see some of these also in the printed edition of the August Buzzer on SkyTrain and buses.

Tenth to the Fraser will be participating too. Look for two pieces related to transit in New Westminster to be published this week, one from me and one from frequent contributor Rob Jones. Transit and transportation is a huge issue here at the nexus of the Lower Mainland, so if you feel inspired to, feel free to submit a guest post about your take on the issues. You might also like to re-read Rob’s piece about his daughter’s love for Columbia SkyTrain Station and perhaps visit the current library exhibit illustrating New Westminster’s transportation history.

Then, on Thursday, July 15, Jhenifer is hosting an evening transit meetup called I Love Transit Night at New Westminster’s Heritage Grill. “I Love Transit Night” will feature food, fun and games. Here’s a link showing last year’s live meetup.

Plus, The Buzzer has offered us a Summer Commuter Prize Pack to give away to our readers. To win, just leave a comment on this post sharing an anecdote or commentary that illustrates what you like about public transportation. We’ll pick a winner via random draw at the end of I Love Transit Week and announce it on the blog. (Please be sure to leave a valid email address in the comment form so that we are able to contact you if you win!)

The prize pack is a tote bag filled with stuff for a summer commute, including:

  • TravelSmart tote bag
  • TravelSmart water bottle
  • Personal hand-held fan
  • Travel pillow
  • Mini puzzle for passing the time
  • A granola bar snack
  • Vanity Fair magazine
  • 2010 Olympic transportation map
  • Transit stickers and buttons
  • 3-zone bus pass (available after July 16)

If you’re in the mood to read more about transit in New Westminster, here are a few more good reads from our archives:

32 Replies to “I Love Transit Night at the Heritage Grill (plus, a contest!)”

  1. What do I like about public transportation? I like when I get to drive it. 🙂 Clang clang clang goes the trolley…

    I like how it saves me having to find parking when I go downtown. I like the fact it usually goes most places I want to when in another city on vacation, no need to rent a car or try to navigate foreign driving habits. I like the fact I can stumble on to it at 2am when heading home from a night out with friends. I love the inspiration I get from observing other people and the city as I pass through neighbourhoods. I like the fact (when taking Skytrain) I don't have to sit in traffic. I like the fact I'm contributing to a better world.

  2. I like that my commuting time has become productive – I can read a book on the bus and skytrain, but that's frowned upon in the car.

    I like the people – the ones who greet me with a "good morning" and a free paper and the bus drivers who ask how my day's going.

    I like that I can pay more attention to my kids when we travel by transit than in the car – there's a much wider variety of things we do and games we can play.

    And I have to admit that I like never having to worry about having an extra beer or glass of wine when I go out.

  3. I've been so impressed with transit in Vancouver since I moved here from Ontario! It's not perfect, but the night bus network gets me home from just about anywhere around town and I can get in a solid nap on the sky train ride after work.

  4. Well, for those of us who must use it, there’s not always that much to like about the Lower Mainland’s public transit, I’m afraid, (except the bus drivers. I do appreciate them). But, I had been thinking I could come up with a list of a few things I like. So here comes the first one.

    #1 Before Skytrain, I never really realized how many trees there are in Burnaby. That little bit of elevation changed my perspective some about the city.

  5. I've been interested in public transportation for a long while now. I've actually been a member of various forums and such discussing the topic. My favourite part of transportation would be… hmmm…. probably the ability to get downtown in about a half hour from anywhere along the skytrain. Lets hope that they get the other lines, the Evergreeen line, the UBC/Arbutus line and the Surrey extension built soon.

  6. I love taking the skytrain. The air condition in the skytrain keeps the temperature cool all the time. It's so hot outside this summer! It's so smooth and quiet, i can read the book or newspaper without any problems (if i have a chair, lol) It's so fast too. In general, all subways and skytrains have this advantage compared to the bus and cars. It's great!

  7. Transit is good for getting to places without all the driving hassle. Get on, nap, arrive.

  8. Best part about transit is the opportunity to "people watch." Creepy as it may be, over the years, I have developed one or two crushes on a couple of people who regularly take the same bus or train as I do. lol.

  9. I love transit for the ability to get around cheap, not worry about your ride getting stolen and never having to gas it up. Oh, and not having to buy you're ride, just rent the spot for a short bit for a reasonable rate!

  10. I think the best part of taking the bus is that if you get stuck in traffic, you can do sleep, read, study, whatever you want instead of getting frustrated trying to drive through it. It’s even better when you take the skytrain or seabus and skip traffic altogether!

  11. I can go by bus, or by sea, or by train, I can use my legs between those things and I never have to use a car, I don’t like cars, they scare me.

  12. I love the transit messaging system to check when my bus comes. I have the phone number on speed dial to get me out of trouble when i’m lost.

  13. The crowds packing into the skytrain after a big event are not to be missed! Always some interesting conversation

  14. I love the fact that transit helps reduce the number of single passenger vehicles on the road which leads to a cleaner environment for us to live in. I am especially fond of the the new Canada Line which operates early in the morning, making it easier to get to work.

  15. What I enjoy is that I can get home anytime in the evening from downtown. The N10 takes me to 41st & Granville every 1/2 hour departing from downtown until 0439am. Even if that is missed, the Canada Line starts operating at ~5am which takes me to Cambie and 41st where westbound #41 buses are already running.

  16. I love transit because I don't have to worry about parking, or petrol, or pissed-off drivers. I love transit because I can actually catch up on sleep while heading to work.

  17. I love transit – even with its warts – because I often find driving stressful and rage inducing. It's so nice to just stick int he headphones, tune out and relax while I am carried to my destination. Also, parking downtown is hard to find and expensive.

  18. I have a few friends who despise transit, but I like it!

    Why NOT pay the discounted UPASS fare and get unlimited travel around our great city?! It's so fun travelling via transit when special events are happening because you could meet to many people it's crazy; Olympics, Canada Day, etc.

    I also like the texting feature where they will text you times for the next bus; it's super helpful.

    The bus is where you don't need an excuse to not do homework, stress, worry about life…it's my down time to just reflect.

    Some bus drivers are awesome characters!


  19. I like transit because it is quick easy and enjoyable. The city is changing so rapidly that it is nice to see all the changes as you go by and you don't have to worry about concentrating on the road. No headaches from the crowded roads

  20. I have never driven so transit is a way of life for me.

    For all the complaints transit users have, it has always gotten me where I need or want to go. I like that you can bring your bike on the skytraine and buses. I like how accessible the bus is for parents with strollers and elderly people with walkers. I like that transit is free on New Years Eve, but think there should be more late trains from downtown to the burbs,( after the clubs close Later then 3 AM!) I like that you can use a ticket for return trips.I think bus drivers are great!

  21. I love transit because it makes our community a better place to live. It reduces the negative impacts that having to carry around 1500kg of steel with you everywhere you go present.

  22. I love transit because it is so convenient! also i work at downtown, so it's extremely hard to find parking there, transit solves my problem

  23. What I like about transit is that it is a stress free way to travel – no road rage. Just sit back and take in the sights, talk to your kids, read a book. Plus you can have a couple of drinks with dinner – no worries!

  24. I can actually get to work faster using the transit and skytrain then driving there. I do wish our system was charged and operated more like the toronto transit system. It is far superior.

  25. I also love riding on buses because I do get to meet people I haven't seen for a while plus I get to enjoy observing people around me. Traffic really annoys me but when I do ride buses, I find the passengers interesting to watch which makes me less annoyed..

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