Take Tenth to the Fraser’s first readership survey

Yesterday I launched Tenth to the Fraser’s first readership survey, and although it hasn’t been up long we’ve gotten a great response already! Thank you to everyone who has completed the survey. Your feedback has been very helpful.

I thought I’d share a few of the highlights of the early responses with you all. I plan to leave the survey up until the end of the month, and once everyone’s contributed I’ll share more detailed results. So far all the respondents have been fans of Tenth to the Fraser (thank you!) but I’m hoping some of our critics will take the time to share a more constructive form of anonymous feedback. You can see and submit the survey here. It’s only nine questions long, so it shouldn’t take long to fill out.

Why you read our blog

  • “To be better connected to my community”
  • “To keep plugged into what is going on in New West”
  • “To find information about local events and reviews of local businesses & restaurants”

This is good to hear – it’s the same reason why we write the blog. Before launching it, we were always frustrated at how difficult it was to find information about what was happening in New West. Tenth to the Fraser was our small effort to make it less frustrating for other people to find information about the city online.

What you like about the blog

  • “It is the best local blog and the internet face of New Westminster. A great variety of topics, voices and ideas.”
  • “Pretty much everything :-)”
  • “The general cool tone of it. Not cheesy. Well done, well produced. “
  • “The sense of community. Finding out how new events, services, etc. that I can take part in. Find out the history of New West.”

All I can say is thank you! you guys are awesome.

What you want to see us add or improve

  • More regular and more frequent posts
  • Multimedia (more photos, maybe video)
  • More information on events and restaurants

There was a lot of variation in this section, but the above are the three main themes from your feedback. This is exactly the direction we want to take the blog in 2011, so it’s really good to hear that you want what we want too!

What you most want to read about

We ask in the survey what kind of topics you want to see more of on the blog. There are already some clear ‘winners’ in the content department. So far you’re most interested in local events, information/reviews of local businesses and restaurants, politics in New West, transportation issues and individual contributions to our community.

What you think of our comment moderation policy

We’ve struggled of late to find a balance between freedom of expression and maintaining a civil forum for debate. I know what I think about it, but I wanted to know how my readers felt.

  • Most of you believe comment moderation on TF is about right, though a few consider it too lenient
  • Most of you say it’s appropriate to ban comments that attempt to impersonate someone else, use a fake email address, directly attack individuals or spread false information
  • Most of you thought anonymous comments should not be banned

The improvements you want to see

I asked you to share your opinion on how interested you’d be in a bunch of improvements we’ve considered making here on Tenth to the Fraser, and here are your top picks:

  • Better event calendar (more stuff, better functionality)
  • A weekly post highlighting events around New West
  • New West job listings
  • A New West blog directory

We already have plans to tackle some of these in the next few months, and we’ll consider the rest as time & resources allow.

The neighbourhoods you want to know more about

Every neighbourhood got some votes, but Uptown and Downtown got the best response, with Quayside as the next most popular.

What you love about New West

This is my favourite question in the whole survey. I expected to hear a wide variety of replies (it was an open question), but surprisingly, the same few answers kept coming up:

  • Small-town feel with big-city amentities
  • The strong sense of community
  • Walkable, central

Just what we think too!

The survey is still open to response until the end of February if you want to add your opinions to the mix. I’ll publish a follow-up post later so you can see what other readers think of Tenth to the Fraser and New West, and I’ll share with you then what we plan to do about your feedback.

This is an exciting time of transition for New Westminster and for Tenth to the Fraser. Thank you all for reading, and for sharing your voice in the survey and in the comments on our blog, Facebook and Twitter communities.

4 Replies to “Take Tenth to the Fraser’s first readership survey”

      1. It's not a need, more of a want. I've been told by a few folks on here that I am contradictory, so I figure I should take it again and fill it in opposite of what I just did !

        Are you not concerned that such a thing could be swayed with multiple votes by some banditos ? On that Record website, when you do the 'poll', it shows you the results after, but you only get the one vote. I noticed I could re-load your survey. Anyone might be able to sway the results..

        I also noticed the CityPages are moving. Another nail in the Records coffin ? I wonder if it's a contract that goes to tender every year or what ? What a shakeup, or maybe even a shakedown !
        Great to see it hear first.

        1. I'm not really worried about it. I can filter results by IP, so I'll know if there's "ballot-box stuffing" going on, and I can exclude those results. The survey results will help guide us in prioritizing improvements to the website, but it is just a guideline. A web-based poll is a different beast.

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