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There’s been a decided increase in the number of businesses that are calling the downtown area home, and contrary to (my long held) belief they are not all bridal salons and cheque cashing joints. Businesses like New West Cycle, Renaissance Books, Lofty Living, Urban Gypsy, the Hideout Cafe (tip, follow them on Twitter where they post the daily soup special with regularity) and the newly opened Red Brick (So new, in fact, all I can find is a Craigslist ad) are now populating the area. Cleverminks, a pioneer in the area, has sadly closed – but perhaps they were one of the first to recognize the potential in the neighbourhood before even the shoppers did.

Now, new developments like The Point, Quantum as well as the Plaza 88 development are bringing in a new kind of clientele. Many residents don’t rely on cars as much as those in say, Queensborough or Sapperton and so they look to their immediate neighbourhood to serve their needs.

So when I popped into Queens Park Florist (619 Carnarvon Street) today on the advice of Briana and Will, I was delighted to see not only a contemporary modern feel in their floral arrangements and decor, but also a customer patiently waiting on a custom arrangement.

Briana tells me that Queens Park Florist is her “most favouritest flower shop ever. Seriously.” That’s pretty high praise in my book. I know I can turn out a relatively nice arrangement of tulips (grab five bunches, stuff in a vase, voila) but it takes an eye to really put together something eye catching. Owner Yelena Bahshaliyeva believes the contemporary and modern feel of her business appeals to the residents moving into the downtown area. “We’re doing some different things, things not normally done by an average florist.” She’s right. How fun is this?

Yelena and her staff offer amazing designs: bright, bold, beautiful. Gone are the days with a pink carnation boutonniere with a spray of baby’s breath. Say hello to something different for weddings or prom:


There was a reasonable selection of delicate ferns, orchids, and other potted arrangements on display, and a fresh and happy miniature rose by the door. Like most flower shops, it smells divine in there, and the location is beautiful with sunlight streaming into the windows.

Queens Park Florist is holding an Open House on May 18th from 10am to 6pm (4-6 there will be refreshments) and everyone is invited. They’ll be unveiling their new season’s designs, which includes local plants and flowers – a fact that thrills me. The whole store will be turned into a showroom and I think everyone should go and check them out – including my husband. Hint, hint.

Queens Park Florist is located at 619 Carnarvon. They’re also on Facebook and you should go “like” them to receive updates of coming events. They do flowers for all occasions – corporate events and personal events including weddings and prom – and offer a monthly flower delivery subscription service and online ordering. You can reach them at 604-525-8022 or Check out this info sheet for some of their other upcoming summer promotions.

PS: Mother’s Day is May 8th and QPF delivers. I’m just saying.

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  1. We LOVE Queens Park Florist! They did the flowers for our wedding and they were just beautiful. I gave them three criteria: had to be yellow and pink, no baby's breath and NO scent. Other than that, I had no opinions and they could do whatever they wanted. I was amazed at the results. Everyone loved the flowers.

    When some of friends were getting married, I recommended QPF to them and they too had an amazing experience. And she was a LOT pickier than I am! They made some beautiful centerpieces involving tea pots and in-season flowers.

    My husband always picks up flowers for me from them for special occasions. He has always been pleased with their service and the quality of the arrangements.

  2. A really great shop with fresh and contemporary product ! ! !
    Also has excellent and friendly service as a plus.
    As a landscape architect, I appreciate their overall style and design sense.

  3. Their arrangements look really cool – hopefully they'll thrive.

    My wife's grandmother (and aunt) owned Kitty Butterfields Florist uptown for a long time – since the 50's, I think, and did well until Safeway came along with their cheap flowers. QPF looks like they have a product you can't get at a big-box retailer.

  4. So my mom bought me mother's day flowers (how nice is that) from QPF today so I got my own bouquet delivered just a few minutes ago! GORGEOUS! ANd they even removed the pollen from the lilies (one of my pet peeves). Nice twine wrapping with paper. Good choice of flowers too. Thumbs up, guys. Now I can safely say the delivery service is as nice as the stuff inside.

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