Review: Graze Market and Deli

This is a picture of a pulled pork sandwich on plate with coleslaw filling in the bun.

A few times now, a number of the local twitter geeks have had a conversation online about food. Because food is the greatest common denominator. One of the places that continually gets mentioned is Graze Market and Deli and we all salivate all over our keyboards and dreamily discuss what makes an awesome pulled pork sandwich.

So what does make an awesome pulled pork sandwich? We’ll get to that.

This is the logo for Graze Market and Deli.

Graze Market and Deli opened up in Sapperton at the end of last summer. It’s a deli, a bit of a grocery, and a restaurant all in one.  Their deli features some fresh preserved meats and the bacon is amazing. Their produce selection was a little bit disappointing – but what they did have was advertised as local or organic, and was well priced. Their grocery shelves were a bit sparse – only one or two packages of each type of item and lots of empty space, but the items they did have were high quality and organic in nature. They also feature Avalon Dairy milk products as well as local and organic produce and eggs. They sell beef from their own herds, who frolic and roam in the southern interior Fraser River plateau in the Cariboo as well as free range chickens and turkeys. You can buy all cuts of meats and sausages as well.

What they lack in the grocery department, they make up for in the hot food you eat right there.

What makes their pork products stand out  – from the bacon to the pulled pork sandwiches – is that Graze Market and Deli offers pork from the good folks at Gelderman Farms, a former RCFM vendor (they’re too busy this year to make it but you can buy their stuff at Graze) that hail from Abbotsford. If you ask him, Jerry Gelderman will tell you that the key to good pork is happy pigs and he sees that they are happy porkers by feeding them a high quality vegetable based diet custom blended on the farm, no animal meat by-products in feed, no growth hormones (as per Canadian Regulations), and no therapeutic antibiotic treatment. Gelderman Farms pork supports the 100 mile diet. The biggest thing, Jerry tells me, is that the pigs are given room to run and root and generally just be pigs.

Another ingredient to a fantastic pulled pork sandwich is people who know how to cook and present food. Danny and Karen at Graze provide amazing BBQ with fresh made and generous sides like cole slaw, potato salad or slow cooker baked beans, and their BBQ sauce is homemade.  The bun they use is lovely and fresh and the price is reasonable. They also offer a selection of burgers and ribs, as well as a well made veggie burger.

Their website needs work and updating – two different phone numbers are listed and the hours are hard to find (and I think they are wrong) but Graze is a nice little gem with ample free parking in the heart of Sapperton.

Graze is located at 101-450 E. Columbia. Their number is 604-528-0101 Call ahead to make sure they are open.

5 Replies to “Review: Graze Market and Deli”

  1. Gelderman Farm pork products are also available at Donald's at The River Market. Mmm. I just had Gelderman sausages for breakfast this morning, they were goooood.

  2. I am filled with sadness for no Gelderman at the market this year..and happiness for Gelderman at Graze.
    I tried to go there (Graze) the other day and had bad timing. They open at 10 am on weekdays. I will try again now that I know that. BACON. The end.

  3. Just read on Twitter that they are not open till Tuesday for "exciting changes". Maybe less grocery more restaurant? I wonder!

    1. Jen, I noticed he is renovating. A few months ago I suggested to Danny he take my Double Head Espresso machine and 12' 4 stool Window Bar to sit at and look out over the new (North) Columbia Street.
      I've had the Pulled Pork meal. Can't imagine a better pasttime than "people watching" while enjoyng a quality Latte and Jerry's pork.
      I stil have both items and now he is renovating he may be interested. I will contact him today.

  4. Went by and there are renos in work! Glad they're coming to the one year mark, I really hope they make it. I went in once looking for bay leaves, and they didn't have any for sale – but he gave me a handful for free out of his cooking supplies.

    Graze is my favorite lunch out when I work from home.

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