Fireworks viewing party at La Perla

Hyack Fireworks Poster
Hyack Festival Opening Celebration Poster

Change is good. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for tradition, but it’s nice to switch things up once in a while! And that’s exactly what Hyack is doing this year with the 40th Annual Opening Celebration of the Hyack Festival.

There have always been fireworks, at least always in my recent memory, as the big kick off to the annual Festival, but we’ve seen some changes in recent years with a location further down river. This weekend, the Fireworks barge is moving across from the River Market, and the Hyack Festival Association is hosting a fabulous viewing party from La Perla, the new banquet space.

When I worked at the Riverboat Casino, which used to be a great vantage point for the fireworks, I always looked forward to the Hyack Festival Fireworks weekend. The vibe was so energizing, people lining the boardwalk, music wafting in the air, and guests lining the rails of the Riverboat in anticipation of the big show. I always thought that once the Casino moved to a new location the best place to see them would be from that second floor space of the Market. I’m excited to find out if I’m right! Inside La Perla you’ll find plenty of appetizers, live music, dancing and an exclusive view of the main show.

La Perla
La Perla

Of course many will gather on the boardwalk and the parkade to join in the fun too. See you there!

Event details:

  • Saturday, May 21st: Hyack Festival Fireworks
  • Fireworks at 10pm
  • Tickets are $25 each or 2 for $40 for the LaPerla viewing party between 8pm and midnight
  • Call Hyack at 604.522.6894 for more details

5 Replies to “Fireworks viewing party at La Perla”

  1. Great article Kendra,
    Further note on the Celebration, Hyack will have a little extra burst in the fireworks to mark the 40th Anniversary. They also have some "special" entertainment planed for the evening as well. Did we mention that the food is total delicious at La Perla!! The weather is going to be perfect for viewing.
    You can also get tickets at Root Source Inc 239 Sixth Street or call 604-521-6677. A whole lot of people from the Quayside Community are going. See you there.

  2. Can I ask what the $25 actually gets you? Is it some appies and an entrance ticket or is there a dinner included? Maybe I'm dense but I am just curious what's included in the ticket price. Also, is it kid-friendly?

  3. Don't visit here often enought I missed your question Jen:( The evening included appies varous entertainment, an oxygen bar (that was a first for me), dancing and a special view of the fireworks from River Market balcony and inside La Perla. That said there were many bonuses and surprises last night. It was so much fun over 160 people attended and the food never stopped. The the fireworks WOW they were the best I have ever seen!
    So don't miss the rest of the week go and take in more of Hyack Festival so much more to do.

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