Victoria Sushi one of the freshest in New West

Photo: Lotusutol (via Flickr)
Photo: Lotusutol (via Flickr)

There is an often repeated witticism regarding small Alberta towns having a liquor store and 7-Eleven on every corner. This is only a slight exaggeration of course. However, if one were to suggest in New Westminster there is a sushi restaurant on every corner that might just be an understatement.

Victoria Sushi is not really your typical sushi restaurant. A small space with only a few tables nestled within a high-density residential district and tucked away at the bottom of a multi-use residential complex…ok, so maybe it is. So from the outside and upon first settling in it doesn’t seem that different but before long the cheerful and very helpful staff make you feel right at home. The restaurant is extremely clean and the atmosphere is quiet and peaceful; a good change of pace from other alternatives and a very rejuvenating way to end a busy day. The owners are friendly, accommodating and most importantly seem to truly appreciate your patronage. Never to rush or leave you feeling unwelcomed or that you are just another customer that needs to clear out so new paying clientele can take your place. And then there is the food……

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Now I must be completely honest. I wouldn’t say I am a seasoned sushi connoisseur but I have eaten at a lot of sushi restaurants in the past and I am not referring to just Edo Japan and Tokyo Express. I live in New Westminster remember, how could I not? In my experience Victoria Sushi repeatedly serves the freshest sushi I have had in the area. The portions are excellent, the taste is supreme, and I don’t recall a time I have not overate. A perfect segue into healthy eating – for those looking for healthy alternatives, they give you the option of brown rice.

If I can find anything negative to say about Victoria Sushi it is that the location is not that accessible or convenient to reach by foot from downtown. If you do not live in the area it is a pretty good hike. Thus, parking can be an issue and will continue to be an issue as word spreads. But like all great things a little bit of sacrifice makes the reward that much more worth it!

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  1. I like the option of brown rice. I can't, however, agree with you that there is a sushi joint on every corner in New West. There are definitely more sushi restaurants than most of the rest of Canada, but not Metro Vancouver. Now, if we want to talk about greasy spoons or random bars, then yes… There seems to be one of those on every corner!

    I'll put this on my 'maybe'. The menu doesn't really excite me though, so we'll see. Big love for Okonomi though.

  2. Brown rice you say? I might have to give them another try, it's been a while.

    And yes, New West has tons of sushi places, but I'm ok with that. 🙂

  3. I have visited the Diabetic Clinic just south of Victoria Sushi and on walking past it wondered how a business could ever survive in this location. Isolated from other commercial areas and Parking? Wow has the City and the developers in this area ever dropped the ball here.
    I love Sushi but am anable to eat it due to white rice…. a no no for diabetics. Now that I know they have brown rice I will be there today…… Always being the business promotion person I am, Victoria Sushi should promote the Brown Rice feature to the close by clinic…… I'll mention that today when I finally get to enjoy Sushi …. small quantities of course.

  4. It is in a bit of an odd spot, but it's always been fairly busy when I've been there. The residential building does have a few parking spots available and I've always been able to find nearby parking if that is full.

  5. Food it great, authentic and not at all that expensive for what you get. Been there several times and the bento dinner boxes portions are enormous. Good value for this hidden gem. Limited amount of parking available so the city should really consider allowing street parking in front.

  6. Wow, Marge and I had the Dinner Box (Brown Rice $1 extra and well worth it) Large portions, taste sensations, delicious, The "A" frame sign was turned in but indicated parking was available in Garage. Resident of the building saw us attempting to find a spot and directed us to the 8 retail spots in the adjoining parking garage for the building. Parking is a piece of cake (sushi) now and I'll be making it a regular eatery.

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