Standout Halloween houses in New West: ghoulish, garish and creepy

Halloween is a magical time of year, when visibly normal neighbours often show their most macabre tendencies with their Halloween decorations. Sometimes, it’s pretty subtle – a single Jack O’ Lantern with a psychotic grin, for instance. Or, maybe is a liberal use of cotton gauze on the hedges, to make everything look like it hasn’t been dusted in a while.

But, other times, they come up with something original when it comes to Halloween decorations. So, with that in mind, and being something of a Halloween fan, I decided to venture forth to find out what some of your neighbours here in New West are up to, decoration-wise. Some things I found were kind of cute. Some were garish. Others, I have to say, really freaked me out.

So, without further ado, here’s a selected gallery of the ghoulish, album of the arcane, showcase of the shadowy to lift your All Hallows Eve spirits this Halloween.

Halloween front yard

Sometimes, just decorating the house isn’t enough. You’ve gotta do the whole front yard! This property used the standard Halloween staples. But, they also used withered corn husks to great effect. Who knew that corn could be this creepy?
Halloween front yard

Giant Jack O’ Lantern, with minions

There is something very unsettling about this that made me very hesitant to approach. The expression on the face of the Queen Jack O’ Lantern is inscrutible! Is this just a harmless Jack O’ Lantern with her many children, or a spheroid fiend in search of human blood?

Giant Jack O Lantern with Minions

Frankenstein’s Monster has a spot of bother with the villagers

They finally had enough. The grunting, the stomping about at all hours with those big, blocky shoes, the not clearing away his leaves. Enough was enough.

Entrance to the Foyer of Fear!

Dry ice is a gift to horror buffs everywhere. The spooky mist in this one is all down to a dry ice machine, perhaps not so freaky now. But wait, as they say, until dark …. (also to note – the handy puking Jack O’ Lantern. And – nice web-work.)

Psychotic Siddhartha

Normally a figure of peacefulness, detachment, and restraint, we’re getting a slightly more feral, Halloweeny version here. Halloweeny is too a word. Well, it should be.

Disembodied hands

From ‘Thing’ on the Addams’ Family, to the face-huggers in the Alien movies (basically crawling hands, right?) to the Hand of Eldrad (only classic Doctor Who geeks will get that one …), the disembodied hand is a thing of primal fear. Here, these ones add a very nice contrast to the fish-scale siding. Good choice.

Halloween Hands


I’ve seen a lot of spiders on Halloween decorations this year. I notice them because of how much I loathe spiders. I mean, good luck to them and they provide a great place in our eco system and all that. But, they freak me out. I walk to the SkyTrain every day past this decoration.

The first time, I didn’t realize that this spider is animatronic, and responds to movement. As I stared up at it, walking past, its spidery head twitched in my direction, and it’s legs quivered hungrily. It made me wish I was wearing brown corduroy trousers at the time.

Spooky group picture

You know, I think Death is really trying to hog the limelight from Frankenstein’s monster, the ghost, the witch, and the frat-boy trees (don’t they look like frat boys to you?). What a (soul) scene stealer!

Spooky group picture

Halloween helps us to celebrate the dark corners of our imaginations as a culture. And decorations like these help to add to the creepy ambience.

Happy and safe Halloween, everyone!

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  1. Great story and great pictures! I think I like Hallowe'en houses even better than Christmas. Love the songs too. Thanks for making my internet cruise so "Hallowe'eny" today!

    1. Thanks, Stacy. It was a lot of fun walking around and taking snaps of only a selection of decorations that our neighbours put a lot of effort into. If can't troll the neighbourhood with a plastic, pumpkin-shaped bucket the way I used to, then I might as well do it with my camera phone.


  2. OMG! My sister told me that my house was on your website – so cool

    I wish that you came by during the evening when the seven "unholy dead" were visiting the graveyard.

    Very Scary

    The Wicked Witch of the West End

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