Fare at River Market’s Crab Shop is fiendishly good

The Crab Shop
The Crab Shop

Battered & fried fish is usually a rare greasy indulgence for me. Cod can be rather flavourless, and often is more grease and crunch than fish. Not at The Crab Shop. The batter is crispy but not thick, and the cod tastes fresh and delicious. The fries are good too, and the homemade tartar sauce is divine. In fact, the fish & chips at River Market‘s new Crab Shop is so good I couldn’t resist ordering it for lunch two days in a row.

But dangerously delicious fish & chips are not the only thing the Crab Shop does well. The menu includes a number of decadent seafood dishes, including creamy chowder, fish cake burgers, crab meat sandwiches, and fish tacos. I’ve had the chowder and the fish cake burger as well, and both were excellent. None of the menu items are exactly diet-friendly, but they are worth every chubby calorie.

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Fresh-caught seafood is also available to take home for your own culinary creations. Crab Shop owner Marcel Gregori is a commercial fisherman. As you’d expect from the name, he sells live crab, but also clams, frozen and fresh fish and items like crab cakes to take home and cook.

On a frigid November day, it’s lovely to nosh on the Crab Shop’s rich fishy fare, but it’ll get even better in the summer when the Crab Shop can roll up the garage-style door to the Quay and customers can enjoy their fish & chips with gelato from (soon to be open) Tre Galli on the boardwalk.

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  1. I just noticed the Crab Shop today while walking along the boardwalk. Based on this recommendation, I will definitely try the fish and chips!

  2. I'll have to try the fish and chips now that I know they have yam fries. I'm allergic to potatoes, so unusually I can't have fish and chips. I'll be checking it out for sure!

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