Pier Park Grand Opening Saturday 11-3

It is no secret that we here at Tenth to the Fraser are supporters of the Westminster Pier Park.

As taxpayers and residents in New Westminster, we believe green spaces enhance the community we live in, and we feel that the greater good is served when parks and other amenities are developed and maintained. As parents, we believe in parks as a place to play, explore, and connect with others.

We believe in the value of parks. We are thrilled this park is finally one we can visit and enjoy. Tomorrow, when we finally get a chance to check out this park, you can bet the Tenth team is going to be there. The city has opening festivities scheduled from 11-3. Say hi if you see us!

Westminster Pier Park

When the initial drawings came out a while back about the whole “living room” “front porch” “playroom” concept, we talked about it over more than one get together. Briana wrote an excellent post back in September 2010 about the plans and the controversy, and to date that post remains one of our most commented posts. The city has won more than one award for the remediation of this former brownfield, and much has been written locally and farther in the past year.

“ In terms of enhancing livability, Westminster Pier Park’s importance can’t be overstated. As our population grows, New Westminster must be able to meet the needs of new residents to the area and , with the assistance of federal and provincial infrastructure funding, we’ve been able to do just that. The new park can serve as a “back yard” for new residents to the downtown, a place where they can teach their children to ride a bike, play ball hockey or just enjoy the river.” – Wayne Wright, Mayor

Hello, Fraser River.

Local photographer and blogger, Dennis Sylvester Hurd, has been taking photos throughout the construction process. Here’s a great slideshow of that photo set.