Are ‘born & raised’ New West folk different from the rest of us?

In response to my blog post about making new friends in New Westminster, local reader Brad Porcellato said via Twitter that I should differentiate between the born & raised New West folk and the "amicable newbies." It made me wonder: are New West folk who move here really that different from those who were born here?

Are ‘born & raised’ New Westminster folk that different from those of us who moved here by choice?

Are ‘born & raised’ New Westminster folk that different from those of us who moved here by choice?

Briana Tomkinson

Briana Tomkinson is a Montreal-based writer and original founder of Tenth to the Fraser. She really likes to write letters by hand.

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  1. My wife is a third-generation New Westminster resident, and my kids are the fourth generation. My wife and I bought her parents house (and we got married in the back yard).

    Since we met and moved over from Victoria, we've lived in three houses, one basement suite, and two condos, and all of them within the borders of New West. Burnaby is sacrilege (and not very walkable).

    She can't go for a walk without seeing 15 people she knows. There's a good and bad side to that.

    One of the quirks of New West is alternate residences in Point Roberts, Washington – most baby-boomers I know in New West have a place or boat down there to spend their summers.

  2. You hate outsiders, we get it it already.

    Yes, let's be even more xenophobic to our neighbours by picking out the differences between people who have lived here from birth and those that have moved here. This is reading out like some sort of status symbol thing like people who are self-made millionaires and those who won the lottery.

    The more I read this blog, the more disgusted I am with how hateful people in New Westminster are to outsiders. From trying to make life a living hell for those just trying to get to work to things like this blog post.

    I am so very glad I moved my business, my home, and my family away from this spiteful city. I wonder why people here bother with a facade and just get on building a wall around your city and be done with it.

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