Key to the City

I was at the Dublin the other day, having a snack with a friend (okay, and maybe a beverage). We got our bill, and it was 20% off. Later in the week, I was checking out a new chair at Red Brick and realized I would get an extra 10% off if I went for it. I decided to stop by the British Store for some sweets and a tea on my way home, and got 10% off my sweets.

How was I getting all these discounts? I have a Key to the City. No, not some giant, oversized, pretend key, but the hyperlocal New Westminster – specific key tag system put together by Tourism New Westminster. There are over 40 businesses who participate in this program, offering buy one get one discounts, percentages off, and other deals on goods, services, food, places to stay, and things to do just by flashing a key tag right before you buy.

The program continues until the end of April 2013 and there are about 250 key tags left available to buy for just $10 each (you can buy them right from Tourism New Westminster or at participating locations) but we have a keytag to give away for free! Comment on this post about how you’d use a Key to the City, and we will draw one lucky commenter at random, Friday November 9th at 3pm PST.


10 Replies to “Key to the City”

  1. For 10 bucks I should save a fortune, somehow thought this was over and would be happy to sign up….great program.
    With cheers

  2. Sounds like I could have saved a lot of money at the pub! (really, that's where the key would be used the most!).

  3. I too thought this had ended at the end of the year, not so, apparently! I think I'd be saving (ok ok, spending) a lot more money at the spa, though!

  4. I'd use the Key to the City to take the entire crew at Tenth to the Fraser out for beers…. yes that is a bribe.

  5. Well, I'd probably use it on a nice spa session at Urban Phoenix, followed by some delicious wine from Pacific Breeze … in a comfy chair from Red Brick or Mid-Century Modern …

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