Ask Arbo: A new monthly feature coming to Tenth to the Fraser

Have you ever had a quirky or unusual question about the City and how it works? Like, why does the City spraypaint potholes orange? Are New Westminster residents allowed to keep pet goats? Or, why is there a tunnel under 8th Avenue anyway?

My good friend and frequent collaborator Jen Arbo is known for being the person who knows the answer to all sorts of obscure questions like these (or knows the person who does). As my husband Will tweeted back in April, she’s practically a verb.

Starting in June, Jen Arbo will be launching Ask Arbo, a new monthly feature answering offbeat questions from blog comments, Twitter or Facebook. We’ll keep track of questions as they come up, and on the first Monday of each month, Jen will dive into the question pool and find out the answer from City staff and politicos, local historians and others in the know.

Do you have any questions you want to Arbo?

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