‘800 thumbs up’ for Taza Falafel House


Taza Falafel House may not look like much, but the food is fab. Photo: @daveinnewwest (via Twitter)

Taza Falafel House doesn’t look remarkable from the outside, and those who don’t know Middle Eastern food might never think to approach it. But once you’re in, you’re IN. I gave it 800 thumbs up for the items on the menu I had (plus the extras I ended up ordering for dinner that night because I couldn’t get enough).

I ordered three enormous meals for $18 that were just as good cold and reheated as they were fresh from the grill. We had a falafel and tzatziki pita and a chicken wrap. They also accommodated a request for a falafel burger on a grilled bun, which turned out to be what could be the best sandwich I’ve had in years.

Normally I avoid onions at all costs, but on these meals, the red onions mixed with the home made tzatziki, paired with the home made falafel (obviously done lightly in a high quality oil) was to die for. The food also passed the husband test, despite being a “meat-and-potatoes-only-what’s-that-green-stuff-on-my-plate” guy.

Google ranks the restaurant at a 4.7 stars out of 5, which I would say is accurate. It only loses the .3 from the slightly less-than-glittery décor. You’ll barely notice it once you walk in and experience the smell of deliciousness!

You can find Taza Falafel House at 344 Sixth Street, New Westminster, beside 7-11.

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