Pier Park to get a little cooler

“Misters” are coming to Westminster Pier Park in July to help park-goers beat the heat. Photo: Eryne Donahue.

The City of New Westminster is getting ready to install three cooling misters at Westminster Pier Park on the Timber Wharf near the volleyball court and hammocks.

While Pier Park is a gem on the waterfront, in the summer, the heat is intense, with little shade to be found.

The new misters will offer a gentle (and very welcome) relief from the heat and add yet another fun feature to draw families to the park (as if two playgrounds, a perfect cycle path, sandy beach, hammocks and loungers weren’t enough).

According to a sign at the park, each of the three poles will offer “two misting nozzles for cooling off, creating a calm and refreshing experience for all park users!”

Construction on the misters starts July 2 and will be complete by July 6.

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  1. Thanks for your posts! I really enjoy them! I used to live in NW (now in Van) and it’s great to read about it. I’ll have to try all the poutine places you recommended soon! =)

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