How to report water violators

Your grass is a virtuous brown, your flowers are drooping and your neighbours are still running their sprinkler for hours at midday, every day. What is a good neighbour to do?


Water restrictions have been tightened to stage two, and we’ve been asked to water only once a week instead of every other day. Our reservoirs are low, and with no significant rain in the forecast anytime soon, it really is important to follow the rules.

The tougher restrictions under Metro’s Water Shortage Response Plan mean a drop to once-a-week-only sprinkling of lawns – Mondays from 4 to 9 a.m. for even-numbered addresses and Thursday mornings for odd-numbered addresses.

Watering of school yards, sports fields, park lawns, cemeteries, boulevards and golf course fairways are also limited to minimal levels, in most cases once a week.

Stage 2 restrictions also mean a ban on the use of pressure washers and other hosing off of outdoor surfaces, with limited exceptions, such as health and safety or preparing a driveway for painting or sealing.

Only water play parks with user-activated switches are now allowed to operate.

Decorative water fountains will also be shut down, but hand-operated drinking water fountains won’t be affected.

Hand watering of flowers, vegetable gardens and trees is still allowed.

Metro Vancouver member cities are expected to begin enforcing the new restrictions by Monday (July 6) under their own bylaws in response to the Metro declaration, which was issued Friday. Bylaw enforcement officers would first issue warnings, then fines, if necessary.

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If you know a chronic water offender, it may be time for a gentle reminder about the new rules. If a gentle reminder won’t do, it may be time to report it to the City.