Longest Indoor Hopscotch in New West?

River Market, which could be described as New Westminster’s privately-owned community centre, is about to unveil a 2600 foot long indoor hopscotch. The installation by artist Jane Koo (“all around whimsical lady”) will be available for play on March 17.

But is it really the longest? Well, maybe. The longest outdoor hopscotch holds a Guinness World record of 5.5 km and was created by students at the University of Guelph, Ontario (Go Canada Go!) However there is no record yet for the longest indoor hopscotch.

“The great thing about hopscotch is the ability to play the game anywhere. All you really need is a piece of chalk, a surface, and imagination,” says River Market’s Marketing Manager, Salim Hassan, who was inspired by the long hallway on the Market’s second floor.

“The purpose was to showcase a snapshot of what makes New Westminster unique. It started with researching all of the neighbourhoods, speaking with residents who live in those areas, and eventually collecting a selection of facts, anecdotes, and visuals that can capture a neighbourhood in a fun and unique way,” explains Hassan.

The art is inspired by mid century illustrations and big bold typography and draws on old hopscotch maps (check out the image above).

This art installation complements the previous one, a LEGO wall completed by community members.