Four New Food Hot Spots in New West

Editor’s Note: We are pleased to be introducing Kim MacEachern, aka New Westminster Foodie, who will be contributing regular posts about places to eat in New West! You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram

With so many new hot spots opening in New West, I wanted to highlight a few that I’ve had the pleasure of nomming at over the past year.

  • Rain City Juicery is a fantastic spot for fresh, cold-pressed juice and smoothies. Always a treat after a long stroll along the Quay.

  • El Santo has exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. From the guacamole and salsa trios to the fresh made tortillas and everything in between, I have become a major fan of this establishment…in a big way 🙂

  • When I heard Chopped Leaf was coming to New West I literally squealed. Having healthy and fast options is always nice…especially with McDonald’s just a few doors down 😉

  • Big Star Sandwich Company isn’t a New Kid on the Block, but for me they are. I never had the pleasure of trying them out when they were located on 12th Avenue, but once their new location opened on Columbia and I heard that hickory sticks was a topping option, you couldn’t keep me away. 14 hour slow-cooked beef, fresh-baked filones and hand-pulled roast turkey make for some amazing sandwiches.


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