New Wester? New Westie? New Westminsterite?

What's your preference or definition?

I was thinking about some of the quirky things that make New West a unique community, what we call ourselves, and how we define that name.

  • New Westminsterite is probably the most “formal” of the ones I could think of that are in use, though it makes it pretty clear what you’re saying and who you’re talking about.
  • New Westie A “New Westie” or just simply “a Westie” is a term reserved out of respect for members of the Royal Westminster Regiment, a regiment with a very long history in our city. An association exists today to promote and support the regiment.
  • New Wester is the term I prefer. It’s shortened, which I like, but doesn’t veer into territory for rights I haven’t earned.

No matter what you call it, how do you define a New Wester? Is it someone who was born here? Someone who lives here? Someone who has lived here for a certain time? Personally, I define a New Wester as “anyone who defines themselves as a New Wester”.

In my opinion, there’s no mandatory amount of time a person needs to have been a part of this community before they’re considered “one of us”. Because we’ve all experienced NewWestProblems (or #NewWestminsterProblems) – quirky New Westminsterisms that you probably won’t get if you don’t live here. Like:



Jen Arbo

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  1. Having been the owner of a fairly recently departed – and forever missed – West Highland White Terrier (aka “Westie”), my vote is for “New Westie” notwithstanding previous claims.

  2. I’m casting a vote in favour of New Westie. It feels like us – fun, endearing, and never taking ourselves too seriously (right?). I think a New Westie is someone who lives and breathes New West and is often seen out and about at the great places that make up our city – the Quay, 6th and 6th, the curling club – as well as those places that only a true New Westie knows about!

  3. QUOTE: “New Westie – A “New Westie” or just simply “a Westie” is a term reserved our [sic] of respect for members of the Royal Westminster Regiment, a regiment with a very long history in our city.”

    It is for this very reason that I would never, ever refer to myself as a New Westie, although I think the term is cute and current, e.g. newbie, probie, etc. While not taking ourselves too seriously is definitely a good thing, I find comments like this:

    “I’mma still gonna use it!”

    absolutely appalling, and quite indicative of the rude and self-centered mindset of people today. The general lack of respect for tradition just boggles my mind.

    Personally, I think “New Wester” is the only choice.

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