GreenDrinks New West

Do you ever like to mingle with a bunch of people in our City and talk about sustainability and green issues?  Sometimes we think the thoughts about being more sustainable but we don’t get together to talk about taking action and developing relationships to strengthen community bonds. GreenDrinks has an interesting history of bringing together like minded people to network and discuss.

unnamedThis Friday night (tonight!) at 7:30pm at the River Market, GreenDrinks NewWest is being hosted by the New Westminster Environmental Partners in partnership with RE-UP BBQ and is a ‘bring your own mug’ event. Don’t worry, there are washing stations at hand as well as non-alcoholic drink choices. GreenDrinks NewWest is a casual gathering for anyone interested in sustainability issues. There is no agenda or other formality – it’s just a chance to meet regularly to chat, debate, socialize and connect with others in New Westminster who are passionate about environmental and all things ‘green’.
GreenDrinks NewWest is not directly associated with the Green Party or any other political, corporate or government groups in any way (although they are more than welcome to come…and they do). Attendees are welcome to bring business cards, brochures, info sheets, magazines and newsletters to put on a table for people to take away with them. But they are asked to please be sure to take whatever is left when they leave. Come down to the River Market this Friday evening and follow NWEP on Facebook to stay in the loop for future events.