Green Party Alive and Well

greenSince the last election campaign, membership in the Green Party of Canada for New West residents is at an all time high. Support has been growing, with young and old alike keeping the flame alive until we head to the polls again in 2019. This kind of between election support for a small political party is rare, so what’s up, Greens? I was the candidate for New Westminster-Burnaby in the last federal election. Here’s the thing:

I haven’t always voted Green. In fact, one thing almost every Green supporter has in common is that they haven’t always voted Green. Most of us were members of a different political party in the past; some of us members of multiple different parties. But we’ve all come to the same conclusion: we need to think more about the long-term, we need to ensure future generations are not burdened by our short-sightedness, we need sustainability.

In the face of a rapidly changing planet, people are now coming to terms with the fact that the status-quo is no longer an option if we want to preserve our way of life. We all need to make changes, from individuals to corporations, that help to slow down the impacts we are having on our physical environment. And, we all need to work together if we are to have any meaningful impact. This is why I went Green. Greens want to work together, because we come from such different backgrounds. We’re composed of former members of all parties. We aren’t driven by ideology, we are driven by principles.

As a Green supporter, I know the value of working with individuals from all parties. I recently asked my local MP, Peter Julian (NDP) to sponsor an e-petition to the House of Commons in response to the proposed US thermal coal exports from the Fraser Surrey Docks. I could have asked Elizabeth May (GPC) to sponsor, and I know she would have said yes, but there was added value in having a local MP as the sponsor. Our political affiliations may differ, but we are still individuals who live in the same community and want the same quality of life. (You can find more information on the e-petition mentioned above here.)

Since the local Greens are here to stay, why not come down to Old Crow Coffee Co. on June 9 at 7:00 pm or so to get to know your new neighbours at our trivia night! We would like to meet you too, regardless of what colour banner you currently fly. There’ll be food, drinks and merriment for all! Reserve a free spot here. Kids welcome.