Student Mental Health Information Session

The DPAC (which, if you don’t know, is the District Parents’ Advisory Council, made up of a representative from each district school’s PAC) hosts great information nights. There’s another one coming up this Wednesday that is about student mental health. A recent DPAC survey suggested that parents were more worried about mental health issues than any other issue facing students. I know I often think about whether my son’s constant double checking is a sign of something that might require some intervention and support, or whether that’s just a part of the kid he is and is a part of natural child development. The Canadian Mental Health Association has a section on their website dedicated to school-aged children and their mental health, and it’s got a lot of good info.

The DPAC event June 1 will feature two parts. For the first part, local professionals in the field of child mental health will talk about some of the more common issues and possible resources, and in the second part, hear from service providers and resource providers about what’s available in our community. Register at